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  • Comprehensive font packages

    Has anyone purchased/used one of the large collections published by a major type foundry?

    My company is considering buying such a package and licensing it for 20 Macs. We are leaning toward getting Adobe's Font Folio or the Linotype Gold Collection. Does anyone have experience with either of these two or others and could share their opinions?

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    I've never worked anywhere where they had huge collections like that. Does your company think that it will save them money in the long run, or are they just looking to have an extensive library?

    To me it seems like a bit of overkill, but if they've got the bucks, well, that's probably a different story.
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      Jesus, I wish I worked somewhere that wanted to actually purchase a font collection. I've had to beg and borrow for most of my fonts for the last 3 places I worked at. I don't have any experience with using a large collection, but I would have to say I would like to peruse the various fonts and know that they were something we would use on a regular basis with regard to price. There is a lot to be said for the foundry collections. I say if if your company has the budget to burn, BUY IT!
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        At my work, we use the Adobe Opentype COllection (maybe the same thing you are reffering to) and it is nice to have a decent source of fonts, plus they are cross platform which is good. I really like the Adobe collection. I also like House Industries fonts but they too are a little price and not as versitile.

        thumbs up in my book because all the fonts are good and it includes a nice book for reference
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          At the place I used to work we had the Adobe Font Collection. Where I work now, we don't. I miss them.


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            It's a peculiar situation: because of budgeting and politics, it is easier for our department to buy one huge type library than it is to buy fonts on an ad hoc basis, even though that would probably save money...


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              Right. it can be easier to say we want this that will cover 90% of our needs and all will be on the same page as fara as fonts. whereas it can be harder to say now we need this font and next week this other one. Good luck with what you choose.
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                I guess the thing then is to factor what percentage of the fonts would be used from the collection. Also, you mentioned multiple licensing, it could be that you could get some type of multi-license deal with the collection.

                If I had the option and needed to choose, I think I'd probably go with the Adobe OpenType collection. The advantage being that OpenType works on both platforms, which is a plus if it ever becomes an issue.
                "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" - Ricky Ricardo


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                  I appreciate the good feedback to my question. It looks like we're going to go with the Adobe package.

                  Thanks again to all who replied.


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                    I'm in the same boat as most of you, at my last job in a small format quick printer we had a huge collection, but we needed it. I have a collection, but it's the knock offs which are cheaper, but it's still not the same. I miss the library, but not the job.
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                      After years of lusting for Font Folio it might be time to give in to temptation...

                      They have a 10-license version for half the price of the 20-license version. When you amortize it out over the long-term it makes a lot of sense, if nothing else than to not run into a deadline and need "that" font asap!






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