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  • Typography timeline

    Thanks for the link, GraphixNPrint.

    "removed link"
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    Originally posted by Bowfinpw
    The sort of capability you described is embedded in the search features at All you do is type 1930s or 1940s, for example, and the search results give you styles which were given this keyword.
    Thanks to Bowfinpw, another way to find font styles by decade.
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      "The page cannot be found

      The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."


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        Well, it is a 2-year-old link. I tried to find it, apparently they've put a log-in portal in place.
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          Could try these links...

          ...somebody should create a comprehensive Type Timeline - sounds like a cool project.

          Found these two type timeline graphics on Flickr...


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            Thanks Grfk Love those posters, very cool. That fontscape link is interesting, good find!


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              There were sans serif style inscriptions on Greek columns. Trajan was inscribed on the Trajan Columns in Rome. Modern style serifs descended from the Venetian printers of the 16th Century.

              You could spend the rest of your life constructing a typographic timeline, depending on how intricate you wanted it to be, and when you were done it would be disputed.

              All that being said, this is a great book that will teach you a tremendous amount about typographic history:
              Anatomy of a Typeface by Alexander Lawson

              It is very well written and researched. I highly recommend it.



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                Thanks for the links everyone. I love type.


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                  Counterspace timeline

                  I just completed updating my typography timeline. Check it out.


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                    I work in the film biz and often have to do period graphics. These links are a great quick reference resource.

                    I always thought Gil Sans was older than the 1932! Cool.


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                      Also, this is a pretty awesome timeline.


                      Sorry for the double post.


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                        Originally posted by Counterspace View Post
                        I just completed updating my typography timeline. Check it out.
                        Originally posted by Few2many View Post
                        Also, this is a pretty awesome timeline.


                        Sorry for the double post.
                        Same one?
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                          HA! It is the same link as posted by Counterspace. His post wasn't up whenI did mine because of the moderator approval lag or the MAL.

                          Thanks for the great time line, Counterspace!


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                            A great timeline:






                            Incredible Stock

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