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    New to graphics and web design and am confused. I need my images to be 974 x 294 for a slideshow. The images my customer is giving me are various sizes but here is an example of one - 300 dpi and 5760 x 3840. I have been successful in sizing some but the ones that are shaped this way (closer to portrait than landscape). So first I change them to 72 dpi then corp to an approximate 3:1 (actually 3.313:1) then scale it to 974 x 294. It works well for some of the images I get but ones this shape has me befuddled. It seems that if I get something like a square image and want a rectangular image of my desired proportion, I will surely lose something on the top/bottom or the sides. Is this true? So on my golf car photos, I am having to crop off the tires or the top for example to get it to my desired proportion. Am I stupid, crazy or do I need the customer to provide me more landscape photos instead of more square ones. Thanks very much

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      Originally posted by diamondmaxx View Post
      I need my images to be 974 x 294
      Why? How were those dimensions decided?

      If the subject is golf carts, which are essentially square from every angle, then images of 3.x to 1 aspect ratio are a bad plan.

      You're not confused. You have a problem. You'll need to find a way to make the slideshow image size closer to square or get awfully good at extending/manufacturing backgrounds for them.
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        Seems like common sense about not being able to crop a vertical photo into a horizontal space without problems, but you're not the only one running into it. Every now and then somebody will send me a tall skinny image that is, I suppose, magically intended to fit into a long, horizontal space (or the other way around). I don't get the disconnect, but I'll find myself patiently explaining the obvious before it dawns on them.

        As for the 72 dpi step (actually ppi), all that's important is cropping the image to the right pixel dimensions. PPI stands for pixels per inch, and on the internet there are no fixed measurements, like inches -- all measurements are relative to the resolution of the display (the number of pixels involved). In other words, you're going through a couple of unnecessary steps; If you're using Photoshop, just crop the images to 974 x 294 pixels, save it as a jpeg and be done with it. If the photo can't crop well to those dimensions, well, there's not much you can do short of inventing the missing background or putting up with a less-than-ideal cropping.


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          Resize with 72 dpi, the biggest dimension has preference for the aspect ratio (usually the creatives pixel sizes (FONT SIZES (sometimes, not this time)) work out with whatever they're working with) It's usually not great, I just flex (and don't get promoted either, **** if I actually care). Center canvas, tell the client you're doing it, if they have an issue, it's their problem. I should really do that more often than just assuming ime.
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