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Adding a wordpress blog on a subdomain of a handcoded HTML5 built site and SEO.

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  • Adding a wordpress blog on a subdomain of a handcoded HTML5 built site and SEO.

    I know this is an odd question and because it's odd I have not been able to find an answer or if it really even matters.

    I hand coded my portfolio website and it uses my domain
    it's not a CMS site like WordPress. I have been reading that blogs could possibly bring more viewers to my site and I have found that Wordpress has some great SEO plug-ins . I really don't want can my hand coded site and make my homepage a WordPress site I would rather add a link to my WordPress site from the nav bar of my Hand coded site possibly just adding www. as the subdomain . So what I am wondering is when if people are visiting and reading my blog will that bring up my ratings for my whole site or just the subdomain site .


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    I don't think you can have the sub domain be a Wordpress if the domain it is related to is not, although I could be wrong. Have you asked your host?

    What you can do is make a wordpress site using a different domain then obviously link the two together using the nav bar if you wish.

    I will say that these SEO plug-ins for wordpress sites are not miracle solutions. Do some basic research on SEO and you'll see that you really don't need an SEO plug-in to rank well. The only thing I've been using my SEO plug-in for is to write a custom meta description for the search engines, which doesn't have an effect on SEO, just changes what the user sees in the search engine.

    What is your blog going to be about? Try searching online for some blog topics that you are wanting to write about and read other blogs that are ranking high for those searches. Google has over 200 ranking signals in their algo

    and they adjust these signals all the time, In fact they just did an update to their Penguin algo which places an even bigger emphasis on spammy back link building.

    SEO is not as simple as a plug-in but if you can write a more helpful blog then your competition, then you will have a better chance of ranking higher than them because more people will want to link to and share your content.


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      You can definitely have Wordpress on subdomains only, it works fine.

      The latest article I read on SEO said that subfolders ( are better than subdomains ( for your search rank in this case.


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        I see no reason whatsoever to use a subdomain for what you're proposing. The only thing it will do is compromise your search engine rankings since they will treat the subdomain as a separate entity. Just run the CMS out of a subdirectory. For example, would work just fine.


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          Running from a sub directory or a folder a in your host will do just fine. Search engines will treat your subdomain as a new site so no SEO enhancement there. But a folder will help boost your seo.


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            Thanks guys that's exactly the information I was looking for.






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