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    Hi everyone. As I already introduced myself, I am new in web dev., and this forum also
    I was trying to develop skills, improve myself as a web developer, Front-End. I already have experience in some programming languages but Javascript is something I am still getting to the point of feeling comfortable with. I have been creating websites with Bootstrap and since I already feel confident there, now I was looking forward to learn other "tools", and some Javascript libraries got my attention - React and Angular. Well, aiming for a job in Germany, I was wondering which one would possible give me more opportunities. I know that the question "react vs angular" is like "apples vs oranges". But at some point, for a starter looking for a job like me, I wonder which one would be more indicated for me or if its pretty much indifferent when it comes to job opportunities, experience level to learn it, etc

    I mention Germany since job markets have different needs from metropolis to metropolis and country to country (even from company to company, I know).

    Any suggestions, personal experiences stories or recommendations will be well received

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    Well, I need to learn Angular, and I'm in America. But I've never heard of React. I'm old, I just want to learn what I know better >.< =p






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