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    Ok I have to do a website. Not what I like to do. I haven't done one for years and when I did I planned it out entirely in photoshop, text pohotos buttons everything designed by me. Then I sent the full ps doc to a builder and don't even know if anyone would want to do that mess anymore. I have done a couple do it yourself ones that were template and pretty easy. But this one needs to able to sell access to written material and video. I know nothing about ecommerce and googling up on it is an endless rabbit hole.

    If I am doing Wordpress template what is a good plug in for ecommerce to unlock but not download these papers and videos? Any advice appreciated. (Oh that it were a print world again LOL)

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    Maybe you could try Woocomerce plugin. They have support for digital products, that might help.


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      Agreed; Woocommerce is one of the better ecommerce plugins and has a lot of support. They also utilize shortcodes making it much easier to implement products on page.

      You may already know this but since you stated that you haven't created a website in sometime I will go ahead and put this out there; you will need an SSL certificate if transactions are to take place on your website. This means your site will be secured when users are inputting their payment info. It will also mean your web address will not be like this forum's web address. The address should contain https instead of http before the domain name, to indicate that it has been encrypted.


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        Ok looking into it, got the recommend on Reddit. Seems to be over my head of course. Will muddle through. Yes I did know about secure sites, but don't know how to do it.


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          How Woocommerce appears on page will vary depending on the theme, but the basics is just creating categories and then products to go into those categories.

          Here's a really helpful link that explains the different shortcodes you can use and how to use them

          As far as the SSL certificate is concerned you may be able to set that up when purchasing the domain. I know GoDaddy has some info about it on their website.

          There are also other resources like cloudflare and amazon cloudfront that can convert your existing site to a secured one.

          I've never set up a secured site myself but I can't imagine it being harder than converting an already existing site.


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            Prior to the current website I am managing I have never used woocommerce. Took me about a full work day of digging around and reading to get the hang of it, but once I did it was pretty easy from there.


            • Kayekaye
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              Thanks, I have a lot of digging in to do.

            • calebninja
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              No problem and good luck.





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