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does anyone use templates?

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  • does anyone use templates?


    I'm currently trying to self learn html/css/javascript and was just wondering, does anyone have a template they always start from when coding?
    An html file that you would always start from?

    I'm from the print world and we tend to use these quite a lot to save time / improve efficiency.

    Just curious.


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    It depends! If a customer wants a quick (as in turn-around time), "cheap" and effective website, I'll use a template. When I first started doing websites for people (2004-2005), I hated the idea of using templates, but grew to be OK with it over time.

    If a customer wants something a little more unique, I'll use a website template "framework" that I've created that has php functions for tasks like creating/validating forms, CSS markup for common layout techniques and fluid content. It would be sort of like starting with a combination of bootstrap and codeigniter, but it's been curated/updated over the years to suit my specific development process.
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      I have used templates in the past, though not necessarily a "go to" template. I have had a few clients that have found templates to purchase and then ask me to edit it to there information. More often, I will use a code editing software that has a template in the sense that it gives you the header and body tags. Usually the header includes the doctype and some metatags to fill in.

      I can see where using the full templates were useful. I guess if I actually did more sites I would suggest having multiple templates though. If I only had one, I would think that everything I designed would begin to look alike... Which I see as a problem on the web as it is.


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        Thanks for the suggestions / info. I think I need to learn more about bootstrap and codeigniter. Cheers.






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