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Which should be the preferred color combination for Logo?

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  • Which should be the preferred color combination for Logo?

    Hello Friends,

    Firstly I would like to apologize if I am asking question in wrong thread. I have to design a Logo but I am having one question. I should design logo using Black & White or should prefer colorful logo?

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    What is your level of expertise in designing logos?


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      You won't use "white," but seeing as a logo must be able to live in a single-color space, it is prudent, (or as I would assert, mandatory), to design the mark in black only. That's the logo. Any other treatments with color, effects, etc., may be applied later on a per-application, per-campaign basis. If you're accepting client work that involves logo design, you should already know this.
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        It's long past the point where the use of most logos is confined to just one color. Even so, a good logo needs to be flexible enough to work in a variety of situations from just black and white to full color.

        That being the case, several versions of the same logo are usually necessary. When designing a logo, it's important to consider all of them.


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          Originally posted by B View Post
          It's long past the point where the use of most logos is confined to just one color.
          Not sure if that's aimed as a rebuttal to my post, but if it is, I never meant to suggest any form of "confinement" to one color, but rather the fact that single-color applications are (perhaps not fully) inescapable in the mundane-but-common realms of legal/technical documentation, non-retail packaging, etc. So, I framed it as a prudent (or in my workflow, mandatory) strategy to design to that lowest common denominator first, and build more personality from there. Expected or not, a design that doesn't work in one color right from the beginning always ends up grudgingly stripped and compromised later, when the single-color application rears its ugly head.

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            Originally posted by HotButton View Post
            Not sure if that's aimed as a rebuttal to my post, but if it is, I never meant to suggest...
            Nope, it definitely wasn't a rebuttal to your post. I was elaborating on what you said because I agree with it.

            For what it's worth, over the past several years I've changed my workflow on logo design just a little in response to the changes that technology has created in printing and electronic displays. Since the large majority of instances when logos are used now have full-color capabilities, I've started designing many logos (depending on the client's needs), first, in color, but with an eye to how they can be modified for use in one-color situations. This is the opposite of how I would have done it 15 or 20 years ago.

            For example, this week, I'm coming up with the visual branding for a company that's developed a new algorithm for 3D modeling in the automobile manufacturing industry. Given the nature of the company, I need to think past B&W to how the logo can be animated in 3D. Given that in this instance, a 3D logo is just as important as a one-color version, it seems prudent to think of both simultaneously instead of focusing on a one-color version that, subsequently, needs to be retrofitted for full color and 3D.


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              Every logo color, including black and white, has implications for logo designing. As a designer you need to pick your logo colors carefully to convey right message through symbols and typography.


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                i hope this will help
                It is necessary to respect several logo building rules:
                - the future logo must be usable on a wide variety of media,
                - be easily memorable,
                - as timeless as possible to last in time
                - and above all operate in black and white Mainly printing.


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