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All people from the 80's and vintage fans i have a question for you

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  • All people from the 80's and vintage fans i have a question for you

    This is made for and 80s style project and should also remind that time period.
    What do you think? If you have some crazy ideas to add i'm interested to hear

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    Hi Ev3in and welcome to GDF.

    We ask all new members to read very important links here and here. These explain the rules, how the forum runs and a few inside jokes. No, you haven't done anything wrong, we ask every new member to read them. Your first few posts will be moderated, so don't panic if they don't show up immediately. Enjoy your stay.
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      There was no dial-up in the 80's, that didn't come along until the 90's. You'd be better of with a Duran Duran loop or something with a lot of electro keyboard.

      The challenge with making an 80's website is that there were no websites in the 80's so you have nothing to go off of. If you want to go with a 80's computer theme, think more Oregon Trail, Atari, or Tron. There were no photos on the computers back then, what you have is a more TV/movies look. The type is fine. It should really be green but I think it was white sometimes too, like you have.

      Overall, pretty spot on, but there's a few minor tweaks that could really take it there.


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        We had this when I was in High School 1979:

        We used an Apple II-plus with a dial-up modem to access it.
        I can still remember the handshake sounds it made while it was connecting.

        80s websites (so to speak) were text only.

        Green or white depended on the monitor. Ours were always green, but I remember an interface device I used in college on one of the early vinyl sign lettering cutters that was LCD dark gray on light gray.

        I haven't looked at the website yet to critique it. Maybe later.
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          I think it looks very innovative... But personally, I would love to see every video on your website to be in full screen. Keep the good work going!


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            Ha ha, yeah, that's the sound....
            On a mac, your flashing cursor flashes too fast.

            How much bandwidth does the static eat? Cuz it's really annoying that it's all the same on all the images.
            Are you filming this with the static?
            Remember the movie Alien came out in 79/80. That was one of the ground breaking science fiction films of the era. I could easily envision this film falling into that film technique.

            Good luck with your crowd-funding. And your film. Looks like a fun project.
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              There was dialup in the 80's. I even ran my own BBS on my TI99/4A.

              Cool site, btw.


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                So there was dial-up? It couldn't have been commonplace for the average household. Nobody I knew had dial-up until what, '93, '94? I was a teenager then, believe me, I would have remembered internet if I had it earlier in my adolescence.


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                  No, it wasn't in the average household. that Source thing was pretty darned expensive for the era.
                  But it did exist. for the purposes of this crowdfunding site, it isn't so much a household thing. Just that it existed in maybe the computer science labs at MIT and the like. Though not in this form. Only the white type with the cursor is what you saw on dial up. No pictures. All the early online adventure gaming that was coming from the colleges was done totally in text mode.

                  It wasn't until the advent of floppy drives that you started seeing rudimentary artwork and the beginnings of the framed gaming interface. It was quite fun going from text based Zork (1977) to a simple framed gaming interface with bitmap monsters in Wizardry (1981.) There was also ADVENT (pre-cursor to Microsoft Adventure) that ran on a mainframe as early as 1976. You kids don't know what you missed. LOL. Kinda like walking to school bare-foot uphill both ways. LOL.
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                    44Design is right in a sense. There were BBS dialups. I remember my brother dialing into BBS boards with a handset modem (you literally dialed the number and then placed the old school handset down on the modem to transmit and receive). But it wasn't internet access as one thinks of today. It was individual boards/forums essentially. And it was pretty much all green screen text only. Even though I do remember my brother downloading digitized snippets of songs and ascii images. Ah, fun times.

                    So, no, BBS's were not commonplace ... pretty much only tech/nerds knew of them or accessed them. But anyone with the right computer, modem and knowledge of the dial in numbers could access the BBS.

                    Here's an interesting article about the BBS era if anyone is interested.
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                      Originally posted by ev3ln View Post
                      All people from the 80's
                      Not sure why, but I have a little laugh every time is see this.

                      I'm in my 50's, so I was born in the 60's, which means I was in my 20's during the 80's.

                      I didn't really know, but now that I've typed out the previous sentence, I suspect I might be "from the" 70's.
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                      • seamas
                        seamas commented
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                        I graduated HS in '85, so that decade spanned a good part of Jr High through to my Jr Year in college.

                        So my ''coming of age'' was the '80s.
                        Childhood was totally '70s.
                        90s were the ''lost decade''.

                        Speaking of the 1970s I will show my kids TV commercials from when I grew up:
                        The Kool Aid one has them laughing their heads off.

                        I have also shown them several of the cheapo HannaBarbara cartoons (from the 60s but a staple of afternoon TV viewing in the 70s) --but they just laugh at the names:
                        Magilla Gorilla
                        Yippeee Yappee Yahooee
                        Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy
                        Sneezley and Breezely
                        Mushmouse and Punkinpuss
                        Quickdraw McGraw
                        Huckleberry Hound
                        Ricochet Rabbit and Droopalong

                        ^^ That stuff damaged my brain more than any of the drugs.
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                      That look take's me back to my first used computer, the Commodore 64, and my first new computer, the (Radio Shack) Tandy 1000 XS. Neither of those computers had hard drives, only 5 1/4" floppy drives. The Commodore's floppy drive was an external expansion. It also had audio cassette data drive that used tubes for acoustic transmission instead of electrical wires. Beep beep boop boop! Fun, fun, fun.

                      My daughter has be playing undertail which has a similar look.


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                        this was an 80's game my best friend and I used to play for hours on end.

                        it was called Scorched Earth

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	Scorched_Earth_gameplay.jpg
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Size:	82.6 KB
ID:	20721

                        this should be a good reference on what an 80's game looked like.


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                          Ya know, I just read the title to this thread again.
                          I'm having a bit of a hard time with ''80s'' and ''vintage'' being equated in the same sentence.....


                          • HotButton
                            HotButton commented
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                   was the ''people from...'' that got me. I never thought of people as coming from a decade.
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                          • designzombie
                            designzombie commented
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                            I guess if you were old enough to remember the full decade with some of the implications of events that made the news as they occurred, then you are ''from'' that decade and any decade before that in which the same criteria applies.

                          • seamas
                            seamas commented
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                            I have a problem with "vintage" being synonymous with "old".

                            I'm OK with calling it retro, but "vintage" should be referring to a description of real quality of a certain date.

                            I see this all the time with guitars--vintage USED to mean years when the manufacturer made superior quality--maybe with unique features--instruments.

                            Now people will refer to REALLY bad years as "vintage". (the late 60s-70s years were very bad years for most American guitar makers)

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