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How do you document your design/thought process?

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  • How do you document your design/thought process?

    How do you document your design process? I donít mean organizing files and naming conventions but the actual design decisions that youíve made while working on a project. When clients require new work on the websites/apps that Iíve been working on in the past, I need to study the project again to make better decisions for the updates. The same goes if a project comes along that is comparable to a project in a past. A time consuming search for notes, sketches and similar items follows. Do you have any best practices on how to approach that?

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    I have a large notepad on my desk where I do all my doodling, note taking and idea generation while a project is in process. If it's a one-time project, I trash all that once it's complete. If it's going to be something that's ongoing or reviewed regularly, I either keep a Word file with typed notes in with the files or I create a physical file for it and keep notes there. I work in-house corporate design, if that makes any difference.
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      As a web designer for a university, the developer and I go through a process to document and keep track of design and functionality choices. I ask clients to give me a document of what content they want on the site. I usually begin with a mock up. This mock up can have several phases where changes occur from the client. I then create a worksheet for the client to fill out if there are missing pieces of content before building the entire site. Once the mock up has evolved to where the client is satisfied, I begin working with the developer on the layout. Through this process, we document how different elements will interact/animate on the pages. Sometimes, we make changes to the design based on what functionality is working better. We then show the client the unpublished site. We continue on edits if they want changes. If not, the site is launched and maintained. I document all changes made and content currently on the site every 6 months or year to year. Hope this gives some insight!






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