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ALL CAPS vs Sentence case in web design and site review

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  • ALL CAPS vs Sentence case in web design and site review

    Hi gdf. i am having a hard time trying to convince my client that all caps is a lot less legible then sentence case, it seems he wants to shout everything thats placed on the website. the subtitles in mobile view are what he wants all caps. ( you may have to shrink browers window to see this). please give your opinion on this and critque the website design as well ( please not that it is not finished e.g. menu and footer to come. and some color and grammar and a whole lot of typography changes are needed plus some links point to the old site) which case would you go for?

    link to website:
    Sentence case
    Title Case

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    All Caps for titles and subtitles is not uncommon in web design. People spend seconds to a couple minutes on a website, and will leave the page quickly if it's not what they're looking for. Using all caps can be a way of grabbing the visitor's attention and letting them know you can help them.

    This website is about plumbing emergencies so the all caps doesn't stick out like a sore thumb, I wouldn't worry too much about the casing.

    I would worry about the amount of words on your home page if your client wants the home page to rank in search engines. I would also remove the trendy hamburger menu for desktop view; it's really not helpful unless you're using a phone or tablet.


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      Sentence case is more conversational and friendly than uppercase. I don't see the need for Title Case unless you are using it for proper names as it blurs the difference between proper names and copy (for example: polish and Polish; two different pronunciations, two very different meanings, same spelling except for the capitalization). I would try to guide them to go with sentence case. Hopefully when you started you discussed other websites that they liked and thought were effective in their space, and ones they didn't like and/or thought were ineffective; you may be able to go back to those and align them with certain elements they may have lost sight of.

      As for the website, it feels quite scattered, there doesn't appear to be much of a visual hierarchy and I'm not sure where to look.

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