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  • eCommerce Site Boxes On White BG

    I have been tasked with redesigning a product box on a website with very boxy design. I have added boxes to the 3 divs in the image attached. The problem I have is that the product image backgrounds and the sites background are both white.
    Anyone have any creative ideas on how I can make this design a bit stronger/ bolder without adding a thick border or shadows? I tried adding the subtle border and gradient, but I feel its pretty bland.
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    Work for money design for love by David Airey and Know Your Onions: Graphic Design by Drew De Soto are good books for freelancers if your just starting out in the industry.

    Also Pretty Much...
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    I'm confused. This is one of your designs from your original post right? I meant if you could post an image of the logo the client liked, it might help. "They provided me a Logo they want it...
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    This is the latest version. I have thickened the CF and lowered the weight of the sound....
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    Hey thanks for the feedback.

    I have tried what you're suggesting with shapes rather than lines, but it didn't work for me.

    That's the challenge, making it looking like CF whilst...
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