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    Hi guys, first post here. Attached is a design that has been butchered by client requests. She is very close to signing off on this version.

    My question is: how do I get this design back on track? What can I suggest to make it better? She has been very specific with many choices but what should I push back on? Thanks for any ideas and input.

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    Hi Talent and welcome to GDF.

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      This wont be the first time a creative design gets watered down by the client. But at the end of the day you're paid to deliver what the client wants. If she's happy, you get paid, and there's a good chance she'll reach out to you in the future. I've done hundreds of pieces where i thought to myself "my original concept was far superior" or "they probably could have designed this themselves". But it's not about what I want.

      You can always offer advice and direction. But always be ready to explain to the client WHY you're making these suggestions. I work in print, and there have been many instances where i had to advice the client "this isn't going to print well" or "we've gone too small on this type" etc. It's important not to insult the integrity of the client. Many times they like to play designer. Let them play.

      You'll have plenty of opportunity to design portfolio worthy pieces in the future.


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        I can't give much advice without knowing more about it, what you like, what you don't like, and what your client likes and doesn't like. I will say this, though: you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

        In other words, after you've made your best arguments for something better, if the client still insists on something else -- the best course of action is to do what he or she requests, get paid, say thank you and move on. The client ends up being happy and you end up with a fatter bank account, which in the end, is what matters most.


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          Oh man , its like biggs said this happens with every graphic designer and web designer. I Find it quite ironic when some clients pay you for your service ,"which is to provide a effective design using the knowledge you have and that they do not posses".

          Yet so many clients will voice their own opinion over yours and basically design it for you. Its a 50/50 you have the knowledge design and marketing wise but they might know more of the industry or area they are in.

          This is why i believe the best approach is make a suggestion not a demand explain why ( examples are also a great way to convince clients) , if they don't like it do it their way. Either way you get paid.

          When their 150 business cards print wrong because they didnt set a bleed or listen to what you said about pantone palletes and they phone you , or their website is getting a heavy bounce rate because of bad design factors , you just make sure the advice that you gave is recorded

          If its a really bad design don't put your name on it.


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            You know, back when I was in college, I remember taking stock of all the bad design around me -- from supermarket aisles to magazine layouts, it was everywhere. I mistakenly thought this whole design thing was going to be a fast track to fame and fortune once I graduated and was in a position to make all this awful stuff better.

            Little did I realize at the time that the reason most of these things looked the way they did was precisely because that's what the client wanted or because of company inertia or from the inept choices companies made when hiring the people who designed their stuff.

            Like you said, it's ironic when clients pay for the expertise, then sabotage the very expertise they pay for. More often than not, though, it seems works that way.





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          Hi Bilberryblue and welcome to GDF.

          We ask all new members to read very important links here and here. These explain the rules, how the forum runs and a few inside jokes. No, you haven't...
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          Hi Biabarrackus and welcome to GDF.

          This thread is over ten years old, but thanks for the input.

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