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    I have got a splash page I built out for a site but it has animations not adapted for mobile, and was wondering if there was a way to only redirect desktop users to this splash page and take the rest to the home page that they clicked on (I have the splash set as a redirect for first time viewers attempting to reach the home page). This is a WordPress site but I have significant knowledge on customizing files within WordPress. Thanks!

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    Hi Zack and welcome to GDF.

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      Do you know how annoying splash pages are? Just in general? Especially animated ones that make you wait until it's done doing its dance for the go-to-home-page link?
      If I'm not in dire need of something from that one particular source, I don't bother waiting. I don't think I'm alone.


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        Off the top of my head, I can think of at least two ways to do it.

        Mostly likely the cleanest way is with a conditional .htaccess redirect, but if you haven't worked with .htaccess, it could be confusing to write.

        Another way might be to include Javascript on the initial page that redirects smaller pixel-sized displays to a mobile page (or the real home page). For example the following might work (haven't tested it).

        <script type="text/javascript">
          if (screen.width <= 750) {
            window.location = "http://yoursite/mobile_page.html";
        .htaccess would be better, though, since the server itself would handle the redirect rather than relying on the client machine to do so.

        It can get a little involved depending on what you want to do, so here's a Google search that ought to start you out:


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          ^^^, don't do it through javascript (I can't believe I'm defending javascript and this is one of it's detractors). Just don't, 301 redirects (server side (httaccess)) are where to go. Search that and don't look back.






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