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Website in conjunction with a digital magazine for tablet and iPhone.

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  • Website in conjunction with a digital magazine for tablet and iPhone.

    (Print Driver - a senior member of these forums - suggested this might be the best community for my topic)

    I am a novice attempting to design and build a magazine landing page and a digital mag .

    Thank you for your patience while I try to get this thought process and discussion more focused.
    Please so our questions below our answers and comments.

    The magazines will be our own produced magazines and content produced by people we know locally.
    We're not discussing copyrights, revenue streams or those kinds of thing at this moment.
    We are wanting to think about potential conceptual website, digital mag, and social media structure.
    We are starting with one magazine but want to keep the possibility of adding some others later on.

    So for right now we are wanting to research what is the most popular online structure
    for existing magazine websites of digital magazines that are available for subscription
    at iOS and Android (Google Play) and possibly some other (popular) subscription method that may exist --
    We are wanting to hear how the online development of this website / digi mag concept is designed.

    For example when you google wired magazine (a very popular digital (and print) magazine ---
    You are taken to the magazine's "web page" and then down at the bottom you can subscribe to a digital version for iphones and tablets.
    Another example:


    What format might the tablet and iphone versions be designed in or using what application? Perhaps InDesign/Photoshop? Illustrator and then
    reformatted via Adobe DSP? Or perhaps Adobe to PDF and then formatted for Tablet? Or perhaps using some of the online digital magazine formats
    such as Joomag, Issuu, or Magcast ?

    And perhaps even going so far as to use some of the online magazine tools such as Canva, PicMonkey,, etc.??

    Thanks for your replies and comments so we can try to get more focused with this discussion,


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    Well, there are many options, but they're all a bit different and may or may not lend themselves to the unique requirements of the publisher.

    If it were me and assuming there is no print magazine to contend with, I'd build the entire online magazine in a content management system (WordPress, Joomla or Drupal) running out of a database and formatted in HTML/CSS according to the styles imposed by the template that I would design. Even narrowing it down as I have, there are still many technical, platform and workflow decisions to be made.

    Of course, as I mentioned, that's the typical situation I often find myself in since I typically work on larger, more involved projects for established companies. Typically these companies need very customized solutions and don't want to require the end user (the reader) to install special software beyond what's already on their computer, tablet or phone. This is why HTML/CSS is a good solution. Then again, some large, higher-profile publishers want a very customized environment that requires the development of a special app that they can control.

    There are easier, quicker ways to get things up and running, but along with that ease of use and reduced learning curve come restrictions on flexibility imposed by the software. For example, a small-to-medium-sized publication with a print magazine that needs to be repurposed for digital use, might choose to go entirely with Adobe's Digital Publishing System. This system uses the content and tagging from the print version's InDesign file as the starting place for the digital version. Going this direction in the absence of a print magazine makes less sense, but it's still a possibility.

    Some of these off-the-shelf solutions make certain demands on the end users, like having Flash installed or requiring them to download a specialized, proprietary app on which to view the publication. For that matter, there's the decidedly low-tech option of building the entire thing in InDesign and saving it out as a PDF. Of course, that's not typically a great solution since it imposes the greatest burden on the end user.

    I could go on, but there's no best way to answer your question since it depends on your needs, your experience, your equipment, your staff, your time constraints, what you're trying to accomplish, your subscribers' needs, your budget and about a thousand other variables that might point you in this direction or that direction.

    If I were you, I'd spend a few weeks doing research by visiting various solution's websites, then making what seems to be the best solution for your particular needs.


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      My coding is nonexistent. I would like to build with drag and drop.

      I am looking at Wordpress and a few of the recent drag and drop themes. The Wordpress drag and drop youtube videos and Wordpress websites that I have looked at that I have watched - seem to be high enough quality for what I want. Would y0ou be able to say whether a "Subscribe to magazine" link would be able to be placed in that Wordpress site that would link to the digital magazine that we would upload to the iOS and Android Google Playstore websites?

      In the novice user friendly category - would you be able to say what is the most popular digital magazine builder?

      And in that category - would you be able to say whether it were possible to build something that is iOS and Android Play Store "ready" ?



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        Unfortunately, I don't work much with solutions aimed at novice audiences, so I can't give very good feedback there. Sorry. As for adding a link to WordPress, WordPress is made to be easily modifiable by end users, and adding a link or button is just about as basic as one can get.


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          Would you be able to share some links to websites that you designed and built ?






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