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    Which is the best plug-in bounce rate of SEO? how to reduce on my website.

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    Hi Webtwigs and welcome to GDF.

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      Are you asking for a plug-in to reduce your bounce rate? Like for Wordpress?

      If so, there isn't one.

      You can reduce your bounce rate by having better content and a clearer message/call to action on your pages. Better web structure and UX will also help to reduce this number.

      If you run a blog, you're inevitably going to have a higher bounce rate as people will leave your website once they finish reading the blog they came for.


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        Originally posted by webtwigs View Post
        Which is the best plug-in bounce rate of SEO?
        You'll need to rephrase that. What you've written makes little sense.

        Taking a guess as to what you're asking about, though, the only legitimate way to reduce website bounce rates is to provide compelling content that makes people delve deeper into the site. There are no plugins for something like this.


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          If you are looking for a plugin for SEO in wordpress you can try Yoast - plenty of seo options and suggestions, and it is free. I use it for some years now and I am satisfied with the results.


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            Yes. I appreciate with Thishe that Yoast are best SEO plugin in wordpress. To Decrease bounce rate of you need to focus on many factors and first find out what is your exit page and why user leaved your website. I suggest you to install hotjar a record some visits and analyse them.

            I also want to know that which industry you belong to... because every industry has their own standard in bounce rate. If you have blog, website, 70% bounce rate is ok and if you are running any apparel store or eCommerce store, 35% are ok. There are so many things in it. If you share your website URL, maybe we can help you more.
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              These are the simple tips for reducing bounce rate

              - Make Your Content More Accessible with Smart Formatting
              - Optimize Page Load Time
              - Include a Single, Clear Call to Action
              - Use a Logical - and USEFUL Internal Linking Structure
              - Make Your Site Easy to Search

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