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How safe is a simple hand coded site vs. a Wordpress site?

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  • How safe is a simple hand coded site vs. a Wordpress site?

    I have a potential client who has a WordPress site that GoDaddy has notified her that it has been hacked. They want to sell her products to fix and prevent the problem. I took a look at her site which is a very basic site that could hand coded in a day. Rather than having her pay me to run updates and sanitise it and then have her keep an eye on it and make sure to do back ups and updates I am thinking I could make her a much nicer site based on one of my own site templates that I have hand coded and make a simple site like she has now but without a database or log ins.

    Just a simple site built on HTML and CSS and some Jquery and 1 PHP file as a contact form and that is it. Right now she is running WordPress for a site that has a pop-up contact form and a few pages of images and information.

    It's my understanding that a basic handbuild site as I mentioned with out the database and the log ins is a safer alternative to a WordPress site unless someone needs specific WordPress features. Am I missing something?


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    The biggest problem might be convincing the client this is the way to go and expecting the client to use an FTP client, a code editor and to learn a bit about HTML and working inside an environment littered with code.


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      Keep in mind that GoDaddy isn't above lying about that. They told me the exact same thing, but refused to provide any evidence or details. Their only solution was to pay them more money for some extra security features. Our webmaster went over the site and found that no files were changed and no code was injected, and everything has been fine for a year since then.


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        I'm a little skeptical of the hack too. I'm not saying it wasn't hacked; I'm just saying I'm skeptical of the circumstances.

        I won't speculate on GoDaddy's motives, but if it really is a very simple website without a bunch of plugins, and if this potential client has regularly updated the site software (ultra easy in WordPress), and if there's no real evidence of hacking, well, it seems just a little iffy.

        Fitrst, WordPress, out of the box without a ton of modifications and extras, really is quite secure. They patch any vulnerabilities as soon as they show up.

        Second, why would a hacker bother with a site that, judging from what you've written is likely a low-profile site containing nothing of particular interest to a hacker?


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          It is as simple as simple can be. I can probably code it in a couple hours. She won't need to know HTML because she won't be doing anything with the site. It's a simple informational site. I agree with everything said. I feel and maybe I am wrong and that's why I am asking for her peace of mind a simple hand coded site it the safest way to go since she will not be doing anything with it.


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            Did they deface it ever? I've had that happen, and it's all on your server, not on you. It's not your business. You bought the place(url), not your pain-in-the ass version of it.

            Unless you're doing your own Server side stuff.
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