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Looking for a plug in or? that takes users stats then takes payment in Wordpress.

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  • Looking for a plug in or? that takes users stats then takes payment in Wordpress.

    I am new to building E-commerce sites and need to learn it. I have dabbled in woo commerce and perhaps that is what I should be diving into but I am wondering if there is something more specific that work better. My client wants to sell a service on her website where customers fill out a questionair and submit a payment then she sends a customize program to them.

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    I am going to reword this. I need a create a payment form with a questionnaire of over a dozen questions that when the form/payment is submitted the questionnaire is sent to the client. The client has GoDaddy and it comes with ninja forms which has the option to buy a feature that allows a payment gateway to be added to the form. This seems to be the way to go. Or can a woo-commerce payment form be set up the same way? Or does anyone else have any Ideas?



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      Do the responses on the questionnaire need to create variables that interact with the payment page, like affecting the cost, options, tax, etc.? Or are the responses irrelevant in that sense and merely serve to provide additional information to the seller?

      I don't know if this will do what you need, but WooCommerce has an extension they call a Checkout Field Editor that supposedly allows the seller to insert/edit various fields (buttons, text fields, checkboxes, etc.) that the buyer can fill out voluntarily or be required to fill out prior to submission. I've never used it, though, so it's not a recommendation -- only something to look into.


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        Thank you for the reply. The responses would not create variables it's just a 12 question questionnaire so that she can use to put together a plan for t the customers based on the answers. I know woo commerce will allow customers to enter in size and color for example but can custom fields like age, gender, skill level, and more be added and text boxes that customers can type in additional information.


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          Like I mentioned, I haven't used it, but that's exactly what the Woo Commerce Checkout Field Editor is supposedly able to do.






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