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Need feedback on best way to start redesigning my portfiolio website

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  • Need feedback on best way to start redesigning my portfiolio website

    So, I really haven't done much to my personal site for years. When I first designed it it was straight HTML and pretty basic knowledge of CSS. I have since then taken a course and done a few more websites using the CMS Joomla. I am not an expert on Joomla but was looking to go that route on my redesign. However, I have not been able to find a template that's pleasing to my eyes and would love to design something from scratch. Now, the thought of that scares me a little because as I mentioned earlier, my web design skills are not the best and knowledge since plain HTML and CCS has evolved so much since I did my current site that It's overwhleming me on where to even begin.

    With that said, this is the current site

    Can you guys provide some advice on the place to start or resources, ideas I should look into?

    My main goal on the website is to basically have a web presence that's more up to date, have a portfolio of my most recent work, a contact form and would love to have a testimonials area.

    Thanks in advance for all your feedback!

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    Joomla is my CMS of choice. For that matter, I'm working on some template modifications for a Joomla site this morning.

    For a small personal site, Joomla might be overkill. It's certainly doable, but it's a bit like bringing in a bulldozer when a shovel might be quicker and easier to use. If you really want to go the CMS route, WordPress might be a little more approachable.

    Joomla (or any CMS) also places constraints on what you can do with the site since the template(s) dictate the basic design of any new page, whereas with a static site, you can deviate from the basic design in any way you'd like. The big advantage to a CMS is for (1) non-technical users who need an easy way to post things on the web and (2) for medium to large sites that would become too cumbersome to code one page at a time. Then there's the whole database issue that has both pros and cons depending on what you need.

    Of course, even though a CMS might make it easier for non-technical users to post, it makes the job of designing and developing the site many times more difficult than doing so using straight HTML/CSS in static files. The learning curve for developing for Joomla is nearly straight up, but you've already noticed that, I'm sure.

    Anyway, developing a Joomla template from scratch is a huge hassle. The more typical way is to find a basic template or framework then change and build out from there. Going this route eliminates the need to reinvent the wheel while allowing the designer to concentrate, instead, on the site's UI/UX. Of course, every framework and template comes with its own learning curve.

    If you're looking for some good, finished templates that can be modified without too much hassle, has some nice ones, but they cost money.


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      IMO you need to change the layout of your website. Also choose the different theme. As much as your website attractive, more visitors will visit.






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