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  • url in css file

    Need help with a background image in the CSS file. I have just tried uploading the site I am doing but the background images wont work. The only thing it can be is the url in the style sheet.

    The image path will only work if set out in the manner:

    background-image: url(

    It wont work like this:
    background-image: url(318734_7189small.jpg);

    *I having included the rest of the code*
    Could that be the reason that is stopping it displaying when uploaded?

    Any ideas

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    are the image and the style sheet in the same folder?


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      that's a path issue - if you have your images in a folder you need to point to that folder.

      includes won't make any difference as they are parsed as HTML. Are you testing locally? Have you cleared your cache?


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        I agree. Make sure that your images are in the same folder as your css code, or try putting a slash in front of the filename, so it will be absolute in the main folder, which is what it looks like:

        background-image: url(/318734_7189small.jpg);
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