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  • thoughts on our website?

    thoughts, suggestions, good jokes...

    To mute the crowd click the lime in the lower right corner that says “sound on/sound off”. (It seems that a lot of people miss this).


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    I like it. Very clean.

    The only thing I notice is that the fonts are small in places. The sound on/off button text is a little smudged.

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      idea is awesome

      illustrations need work, especially the ice cubes and glasses

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        I dig it! I saved it to my favorites.

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        - Emile Zola (1840-1902)


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            about the on/off sound button:
            If a lot of people miss this, it might mean it could become a problem.

            The type might be a little hard to read. Also, theres nothing animating there that says its the on/off switch. Most sites that have sound (music) have something animating as the sound plays.

            Perhaps put a mouse over affect on the lime so people know its interactive. maybe make the lemon dripping juice- or something- just so it doesn't completely blend in.

            As far as design, its a cool concept.

            Only design problem i have with it is that the black type on the icebubes seem like an after thought. plain black type? why did you go with that?

            perhaps make the type the same green as the lime. This way the green color becomes the color that you can interact with. Perhaps it will help show that the green lime on the side is also something you can click on?

            well- good luck


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              Thanks for all of the constructive comments. I really appreciate it. In general I'm happy with the site myself, but I'm thinking that it needs some more functionality...


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                Nice site. I like your style )

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