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    Hewligan is right in saying that alistapart is the last place you should visit. Really the links I listed are in order you should read them. Starting with a basic introduction to html placing the mark-up generators aside.


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      Brie, I'm kind of in your spot as well, so I'll be monitoring this thread for my own knowledge, as well.

      About the only possible advantage I have is that when I first started as a typesetter, all layouts were done with code, in a non-WYSIWYG environment, so the stuff doesn't scare me, it's just a matter of discipline, practical application and practice, I'm finding.

      Good luck!
      "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" - Ricky Ricardo


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        Maybe take a look at this:

        Could be a rival to the ubiquitous W3C schools.
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          You guys are great! thanks for all the help so far. Looks like I have a lot of reading ahead of me. I will try to post up some examples of what I'm trying to do as soon as I can.
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            brie - A lot has changed over the years...moves VERY quickly! I found that really helped me understand css and html and how to make them work together. I would highly suggest running through some web design tutes through them....and check out all the css related links in the web design stickies..really u just have to read and experiement. Are you using Dreamweaver?

            Make sure you use DIVS and NOT tables for layout...for starting out, its best to keep it simple. I learned a TON simply by looking at CSS website galleries and viewing them and taking them apart and looking at the code. FIREBUG and the Firefox dev. toolbar are not only great for this, but also for helping to, well work out bugs, and see whats going on!

            And btw listmatic is wonderful for learning how to create some neat little navigations.
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              OKey dokey, tooks some time this morning to go through and round up some good links and a path forward.

              References and Learning HTML / CSS

              CSS vs Tables
              There’s a long time argument over which to use. The standards push says to use CSS/DIVs while using Tables for tabular data such as statistics and database results. I use both depending on the site and situation. I would recommend learning both methods to make the best choice in the future as to which technology to apply where it’s needed.

              There’s other articles on IronSpider which are pretty straight forward on design and coding.

              This site is an experimentation in design. You can download the HTML and CSS of every template shown (look around there’s a list of designs to click on).
              Along with the sites I linked for learning HTML & CSS you’ll be able to see how the different attributes assigned to the CSS code can drastically change how the site looks with just one (or two) style sheet files.

              PHP is based around regular expressions. This next site introduces the basics of PHP, PHP functions, and other inter dependant scripts.


              Source Code Snippets. 90% of what I put together will introduce one or more forms of a prebuilt code. Whether this comes from Dreamweaver or a thirdparty site, knowing what is out there, how it works, and where to find it will save tons of time when building a website. What you want to avoid is looking like a cookie cutter developer where everything looks and acts the same.

              Javascript & AJAX

              General Snippet downloads.

              Prebuilt Website Applications or Plugins
     unique popup window for larger images.
     Content Management System
     Ecommerce plugin for Joomla
     secure online form
     used on
     ecommerce originally based on oscommerce, but a little easier to work with and change the way it looks.

              Software repositories (web apps)

              Where to find other tutorials or help.

              Tips and industry insider comments


              Advanced dev site

              So take it as far as you want to.



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                Wow Jade, that's amazing! Great job!

                I'm going to make this a sticky.
                "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" - Ricky Ricardo


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                  Okay, I know the webbies are going to hate me for this,

                  I have really, really tried to learn html/css I have a mental block for some reason, I can't absorb it.
                  I found something called "sitegrinder" it's a plug in for photoshop it has made me so ecstatically happy! Basically if you know photoshop you can create a website, you want a text word to be a button you add "-button" to the layer name and it makes it a button!!
                  Apparently the code it creates is "clean".

                  So, if you get really frustrated, here is another option.

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                    *thows shoe at a_muse in her ducking position
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                      oohh I love shoes! Now if I could only find the one that matches.....

                      I did have a bit of guilt after seeing all those links Jade posted (holy link queen Batman!).
                      I promise I will try again, but right now I just want to get my website up!
                      The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity
                      ~Rollo May


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                        a_muse, I've been making webpages for 14 years now. I think most start out with some kind of helper. My first "helper app" was WebMania. It no longer exists online, but here's a link as to what it did.

                        Used it for about 2 or 3 months before I found an actual html primer and from there, I've been coding in text based editors ever since. I do find it extremely more flexible knowing what all the code does vs. sticking with a wysiwyg editor.



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                          Well put, Jade.
                          "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" - Ricky Ricardo


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                            When I first started there was this little downloadable program that took you through a tutorial of basic HTML tags and structure. It forced you to type it all correctly etc. (In All caps I might add).

                            While the program wasn't the best, it was a lot better for me than having to read a book. I wish I still had it to give to people.

                            I agree with Drazan that text editors offer the most stability and satisfaction.
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                              Originally posted by a_muse
                              Apparently the code it creates is "clean".
                              Business website: Jackfruit Design
                              Personal blog:


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                                Originally posted by Benjamin
                                I actually read that the code was "clean" in an online review, I don't really know what that means though

                                I know, I know, you guys are probably ripping your hair out reading this aren't you? I promise I will learn this stuff, I just don't have the time now, and so far my site is working and looking perfect in ie and firefox, and I'm not planning on selling services designing sites using this program, that would be a bit silly.
                                The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity
                                ~Rollo May






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