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    How do you this in "yahoo mail" or Mail for Mac? I have the html file and the images they're residing on my server. I just don't know how to insert into an e-mail.


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    Most use a mailing service such as Broadcast, Constant Contact, or FanMail to send HTML emails out - they offer a way to incorporate a custom HTML template, or edit HTML before sending out the email. This is especially useful if you have a very large mailing list. If you have a small mailing list, you can successfullly send out an HTML Email campaign using MS outlook or similar mailing programs where you can get into the HTML editing mode. I am pretty sure you cannot do this with Yahoo mail, but with Mac Mail you might be able to. Since I have never done that howver, I can't give you any help on where to find the HTML editor for Mail...If you visit the apple website user forums, I am pretty sure you can find out how to do that - or someone else may come along and give you a much better answer than this one.
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      absolute path to the image


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        Upload the files to your server. This article might help.
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