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    Hey Guys,

    I am starting to dabble in a bit more web design these days and have been usually creating fairly basic HTML websites using dreamweaver and supporting programs.

    I often get requests from clients for CMS sites but either talk them out of it or recommend someone else who can build them

    I am looking at a way to be able to provide my clients with CMS sites and am just after any advice on what I should be doing.

    I am looking at Joomla at the moment as an option being open source has anyone worked with this before? What are our thoughts?

    The business that i work for at the moment run a few CMS sites that afaik have been fully custom coded all be it a few years ago now. The work really well for what they do. But do lack in some areas - you still have to basic code headings bold links etc

    Anyways enough waffle from me!

    Any advice appreciated


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    I'm not a Web guy, but I've seen several conversations about this subject here. Try a forum search for CMS.
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      I'd say Joomla's a good choice.

      In terms of the basics, it's actually one of the easiest to use CMS I've come across. But, with recent versions, the system now seems to have the flexibility that if you're willing to delve into the more complex parts, you can get it to do just about everything.


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        In addition to Joomla I hear Drupal is nice.


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          I have looked at Drupal as i hit the same brickwall, but the php always got me. I suppose once you have learnt their lingo your away.


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            I think Joomla! would be your best bet. It's got a pretty straightforward back end, and once you learn to edite templates, you'll be up and running quickly.

            Good Luck! And be sure to show us what kind of stuff you come up with.


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              As a web designer that sets up e-commerce, real estate, blogs, etc. Joomla is your best choice. By far.

              Drupal sites all look the same. There are not very many layout options. Wordpress takes too many workarounds to get it to function as a CMS (although is superior to Joomla in the blog category). Also Drupal does not have as many extensions/scripts and many of them require extra coding that can get tedious, and easy to cause errors


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                I've tried out a few and have yet to find the "perfect" one for me and my clients. For simple sites, I like Textpattern. Its really easy to take an existing html/css template and implement it into textpattern, which I like. Its not as popular though, so there aren't as many good plugins, and some aren't supported anymore.

                Wordpress seems to be the most popular, but I think its definitely made for blogging. It gets kind of complicated when you try to use it for other stuff.

                My current favorite is Expression Engine. I've only played with it for a bit, But I really like a lot of aspects of it. Downside is that it is not opensource and free. You have to pay for a license. I'm probably going to give it a go for my next client project.


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                  Anyone ever try MovableType?

                  I've been staying away from wordpress simply because making it not look like wordpress is such a pain, and I like the idea that it uses a lot of CSS selectors and doesn't require PHP.

                  I haven't really heard a ton about it though other than that its similar to word press - albeit more powerful but with a smaller development community.
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                    First of all Joomla! secondly wordpress and for more complex and hardworking guys perefer drupal.


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                      In addition, the reason I use joomla is for ease of use.
                      My clients love that they can login through the front end, add articles, items for sale, make changes, add photo galleries, etc. etc.
                      Joomla allows someone that knows how to used MS Word, to make changes to a website.
                      This means that they dont' have to call me up for every little thing that needs to be changed. It's a great enticement for business.






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