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    Are tables really that out dated? I am in the process of redoing my site and would be more comfortable with doing it with tables. We use tables ALL THE TIME at work. BUt I don't want to see old and out of date if someone were to look into my code.

    So are tables really that bad?
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    depends on whose looking at your code...those who care about usability, accessibility, and web standards will move on...

    to me, css is so much easier than tables...having recently encountered table code, i'm more biased...temperamental beastly things they are!...
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      Tables aren't bad - non-semantic mark-up is. Using divs in the same way which tables would be used is just as bad as using tables. Thus, the tables vs. divs argument is wrong. It should be non-semantic vs. semantic mark-up.Using tables for layout purposes is non-semantic and thus bad.Using tables for their intended purpose of displaying tabular data is good becasue that is the semantic purpose of a table. In the ideal world HTML is only meant to convey a hierarchical structure of data. The hierarchy of that structure should not be dependent on intended appearance. The purpose of CSS is to give that structure a visual presentation.

      Furthermore, HTML stripped of presentation becomes lighter in weight, cleaner and thus much easier to read because the nesting level rarely gets out of control.

      Yeah, its worth learning to do things the semantic – "correct" way.
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        Yeah, I'm editing a site built with tables right now, and it's annoying! scrolling through tons of unnecessary code all the time is not fun. CSS is not going away, and it's the right way to do things. I would suggest learning it, because there is no down side, which there is with tables.


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          Along the lines of what tZ said, yes, tables-based layouts are outdated/bad. I try to help people as much as time permits, but if someone has used tables for layout I won't even bother—too many headaches.

          Ditto what the others said as well. CSS, standards, etc. aren't going to go away, so most employers will likely expect you to know how to do CSS-based layouts. If you're going to claim any sort web design or coding abilities on your site, then I'd say avoid a table-based layout like the plague.

          Learning CSS layouts can be a PITA at first (especially when you have to unlearn old bad habits), but once you get the hang of it you'll wonder why in the heck you waited so long to make the switch.

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            Thanks for all the advise guys. Very very much appreciated.

            Originally posted by tZ View Post
            Yeah, its worth learning to do things the semantic – "correct" way.
            Based on this, I guess I will sit down and spend the extra time this weekend to "do things the right way."

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              This book can be cruised through in a weekend if your interested.



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                I have a few books that can help me out, but I can always use more reading materials! YAY!!!

                I guess I just didn't want to fight with floating divs on my page (mostly my new nav bar). But I will figure it out.
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                  i think a problem also is people float too many things when starting out. there isn't anything wrong with just positioning stuff using absolute/relative positioning sometimes! =)


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                    Using tables to build a page rather than DIV/CSS will also effect your SEO in Google. Google reads top to bottom rather then left to right so if you have a table site it will confuse google about which areas are important and relevent as it will try and read it logically and will fail. This will give you a lower Page Rank and lower your page score in google/SE. Sorting this now is the best idea, if you HAVE to use tables, limit yourself.
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                      Thanks for the ref tZ, I just picked up a copy. This should be pretty easy breezy stuff, great book and looks well laid out for noob like me. What could possibly go wrong.






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