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    Can someone explain to me what these are. Are they like CSS? How much of a noob am i? Are they used along with XHTML and CSS or what. I just find that so much stuff on the web makes the assumption that I'm well informed. Any Help?

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    What is PHP?

    * PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
    * PHP is a server-side scripting language, like ASP
    * PHP scripts are executed on the server
    * PHP supports many databases (MySQL, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Solid, PostgreSQL, Generic ODBC, etc.)
    * PHP is an open source software
    * PHP is free to download and use
    Click link to learn more. Hope that helps!
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      php is a programming language used to perform dynamic tasks, such database query, etc.
      through php you can generate html code or entire pages.
      php, html and css are quite different languages






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