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  • B
    Reply to Logo motorcycle magazine
    As HotButton says, it's really only part of the Harley Davidson crowd who dress up in the tough guy costumes. Neither BMW nor Ducati riders, for example, would be caught dead looking like them.
    Today, 05:06 PM
  • dotta
    Reply to hyperlinking multiple images with php
    You are correct in saying that. I'm using wordpress to make my webcomic, so I'm having to rewrite the code with each page.

    Here's the website:

    I will...
    Today, 04:19 PM
  • HotButton
    Reply to Logo motorcycle magazine
    Igh...I believe Moto Rivista is aimed more at the "Cafe Racer" mindset, as opposed to unwashed costumed chest thumping whiners.

    In any case, sorry Creare, but I think this is a...
    Today, 03:57 PM
  • typo
    Reply to Typography resources.
    Hey there guys,
    Talking about mixing fonts, I just found this book (The big book of font combinations only in pdf version as far as I can see) and I was wondering, Is there any good alternative...
    Today, 03:14 PM
  • Momoshy
    Reply to Logo motorcycle magazine
    Hey, what kind of magazine is this?
    Because, when I think of motorcycles, I think of very macho men, Heavy metal, tatooed men on Harley Davidson style, which I relate to a heavy, raw and straight...
    Today, 03:01 PM
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  • Personal project:

    I've just created
    The site provides a list of new web applications and services.

    This is a personal project with 10$ budget, i'd like to receive some feedback about design, usability, accessibility, performance, etc.

    PS: IE6 not supported


  • #2
    The nav under your header, has no back arrow? then i scrool down and there is a next and back, but the top one brings me back to the first page?


    • #3
      I'm not sure I understand. do you refer to individual pages?


      • #4
        Originally posted by Oldat29 View Post
        The nav under your header, has no back arrow? then i scrool down and there is a next and back, but the top one brings me back to the first page?
        Ok its not a next arrow its a search bar, try putting text in there so it dosent confuse people like it did me.


        • #5
          thanks for the reply!


          • #6
            It looks very nice but I'm not sure what exactly it is. There's a search whose purpose I'm not clear of because your slogan is a slogan and not a description of the site.

            Your comment form is non-standard and I can see people getting lost on it. Your label ought to precede the input, whether it's from the left or the top. It's especially confusing since the last box doesn't have a label, and the 'no comments yet' text is the same style as the labels.

            Your suggestions form at the bottom is done standard which throws me off quite a bit.
            Swedish Meatball Pornography


            • #7
              I'm confused... your site links to other sites that link to other sites...
              seems like one of those hey check it out we can make money by getting people to click through x number of times.

              Sorry but I don't get the point...
              (also I kept wanting to click the sample site page to get the site to open...maybe make it live to the site instead of just the "visit site" text)
              Last edited by Audentia; 05-26-2009, 05:27 PM.
              I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not. ~ Kurt Cobain


              • #8
                @vanishdesign: your suggestions are precious especially for the comments form.

                @audentia: no strange links (and no ads or paid insertions), only link to the application page with comments and description an then to the final site. Direct link from the screenshot was my first idea, but i want more emphasis on the single page.


                • #9
                  thx for clarifying!
                  Maybe what confuses me is also like vanish is that there are no comments yet?
                  Maybe there needs to be some dummy ones in there just to get people going? and so that they understand how it all works.
                  I also wonder once you have 100's of comments where does the form go? is it at the bottom when you scroll or does it stay to the top?
                  I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not. ~ Kurt Cobain


                  • #10
                    Yes i should add some fake comment
                    Basically the site is new and has few users to get many comments


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