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How do i create a newsletter template?

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  • How do i create a newsletter template?

    Can anyone recommend any good resources to create some newsletter templates. Ive seen some great ones from and and i would like to create my own personalized template, not some cheesy one that i get with the sites that are commonly used to send out newsletters.

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    Google "html email" and you'll find links to all the resources you need on the first page of results.

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      Originally posted by chi-city View Post
      Ive seen some great ones from and
      You could also simply look at the source code of the the newsletters you like to see how they did it.

      The world is divided into people who think they are right.


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        At work I use a email newsletter web application.. They're really built like a mini website, but you have to be careful with what tags and css styles you use, as many are not supported.

        If you google "CSS in html emails" or something like that, you can find a great table of which programs/sites support which styles.






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