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  • CSS Dropdown menus

    I've been searching online for a simple elegant css dropdown menu tutorial but everything I find seems to be way more than I need. They all have fade outs and javascript and all these bells and whistles.

    anyone know of a good simple one?

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    dropdowns are a form of javascript. Look for these terms "dhtml menu" or "Ajax menu" Also search on dynamic drive There are a few "CSS only drop down menus", but you have to watch the cross browser compatibility. Jade


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      <= IE6 only support the hover pseudo class on anchor elements and that is where you run into cross compatibility issues with the CSS dropdown techniques such as suckerfish. The solution is to handle that event using Javascript in <= IE6 browsers. On the rare occasion that someone is using <= IE6 without Javascript you should think of an alternate way to show the menu which makes every option accessible. That is if support for <= IE6 is important to you.






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