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    Hi everyone! Haven't visited in quite some time...been very busy!

    My wife is pregnant 17weeks and on top of that, there's vacation, a job transfer and I have a new business development that is taking off and am very excited about.

    That being said...I been looking at the site FAR FAR too much and need a graphic critique. Now there are already some scheduled changes that we plan to implement this weekend, but wanted to get feedback anyways. (so you will see some rough typesetting, and glitches here or there).

    Please be honest and brutal.

    PS: The yellow is staying, although we are changing it to match a PMS 107...what do you think?

    I also should add, I am trying to use as little imagery as possible.
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    Congrats on the baby first of all!

    Maybe make your grey bar coming out of the yellow the same size as the yellow, it's hard on they to make that change of width for no reason.

    Is there a thin yellow rule under the grey bar? why, it looks like a mistake reminiscent of mis regrestration in printing.

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      Thanks for the wells wishes and the response!

      We made the grey slightly smaller to separate from the filter menu more. I'll think on that one.

      I agree with the yellow line being removed now that you say it.

      Servicing: Good point. We don't sell them. If you buy an app, you are linked directly to that App in Itunes. We are just a fast search browse engine for Iphone apps (we also have Android) and hope to expand to ALL APPs.

      This is why we did not copy or clone the Apple brand. First sign of a weak brand is one that copies another blatently. That being said, we sort of copied Google in a lot of ways.

      Keep em coming.
      "You're just jealous because YOUR hat doesn't have a clock in it!"


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        Congratulations DangerMouse!!!! It's really good to hear from you.
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          categories on top are too prominent for me, maybe un-bold it, put it at the bottom or get rid of it altogether. or maybe check your analytics to find the most common ones and just list those with a see more categories link. Check your kerning of FastApp. "We find your iPhone apps fast!" feels like it should go under the logo, above the search box, with a lighter weight.
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            TWO TOE TOM - great comments, thanks!

            Good call on the logo.. geez that kerning is an eyesore isn't it? (shame)

            I agree with the tagline going under the logo (and centered) is one of the changes we are implementing soon.

            Interesting on your comment of the top categories. Let me explain the logic behind that.

            Aesthetically, this is not the most beautiful site for sure and will be winning no design awards. We are more about speed, ease of use, with minimal imagery use as possible.

            We played with many ideas of how to offer the categories to the user (tabs, drop down etc etc). We wanted to put everything in front of the user without any bling or useless clicks. So is pretty early 80's looking (cept for the blue hyperlinks lol) but we also think it's necessary. We are even going to add more categories...(top 10, most popular etc).

            I found without the bold, that it might not be obvious enough. But now that you have commented on it, maybe it's time to rethink. What does anyone/everyone else thinK?

            Thanks again. More more more please.
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              Hi DM, congratulations on the upcoming baby!

              As for the site, something looks awkward to me. The information at the top and bottom of the page is quite clearly centered, but the bit in the middle (logo, search box and find button, tagline) look lopsided. It may very well be an optical illusion, but it's throwing off the look of the page to me.

              Possible solutions: reduce the size of the bunny mark slightly? Change the size of the search box and/or put the "find" button underneath. Increase the height of the "find" button to match the height of the search box.

              Right now the tagline looks like it's right-aligned with the search box, I think that's what feels awkward about it.

              Actually, at second glance, it may just be that the tagline is the only thing that looks off-center, at least on the main page.

              On the "Mission" page you've got blank lines between paragraphs. On the "About" page there is not one.

              On the "Mission", "About", and "FAQ" pages, the text is left aligned with the heading. On the "Advertise" and "Contact" pages it is indented. Not sure if you want to make that consistent.

              Might want to bold your subheadings on the "Privacy" and "Terms" pages for easier reading (Content, Accounts etc., Privacy, and so on).

              Part of me would like to see the logo in that colored bar at the top of the page instead of below it, which makes it look (in my opinion) a little disjointed.

              Hope that my random, pre-coffee musings are helpful, in their own small way.
              "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


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                Hey thanks for the comments, I love it!

                Yeah Mo in last post I mentioned that the tag will be moved to the center. Agree entirely.

                I do not actually have access to the site, my programmer partner does. The site is run by a powerful search engine that is integrated with site, so outside some CSS I would be useless. Not something you can just open and edit in DW. So I am designing when we get together or in Illy over screen shots and then he executes. Or he executes and I tell him after the fact.

                The mission, about etc etc has been driving me nuts too. Partner and I have been really busy last 2 weeks, so we have a lot to go over this weekend. All the text will be consistant and updated entirely. It is an eyesore.

                Good call on the subheads in Privacy/terms. I overlooked that entirely.

                I agree with the disjointedness of the logo under that line. Still not sure what to do. The problem are the categories, especially when we add the new ones. They don't wrap as well on small browsers (especially on the iphone or mobile browswers). So that is the reasoning why they dominate the top of site (they wrap better). Agree it doesn't look right though and thinking still on solution. (maybe just make type smaller.)

                Thanks Mo
                "You're just jealous because YOUR hat doesn't have a clock in it!"


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                  shot of results page restructuring that will take place...still not final, but almost. Any better than what is current? Hopefully it is legible enough...i was working from a screen shot. (its cropped off for size)
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                  "You're just jealous because YOUR hat doesn't have a clock in it!"


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                    I think what would be awesome is to have user feedback on the items.

                    Other than that Im not a fan of the layout or the color scheme.

                    And why not have your home page have some of the better selling ones already served? The site can be developed better to help with the sales aspect but if simple is the goal then consider it a job well done.

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                      If there was a review in itunes written about an app, then we have it. if none was written then none will be there. That being said, i am not happy with the layout of the details page as is. We did have things in tabs (description, screen shot and review) but people missed it in the beta testing. As far as commenting through our site...that's part of Phase 2.

                      Yellow is staying.

                      We do plan on putting in FEATURED APPS on the results pages. It's real estate will take up the first two positions on the results. This will be our only form of advertising on the site. No banners.

                      Yes simple is the goal here. Fast and easy.

                      thanks again.
                      "You're just jealous because YOUR hat doesn't have a clock in it!"


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                        tis a bit hard to make out at that size, but I think it's looking good so far.

                        One thing that stands out to be is that the gray horizontal bar is not the same height as the yellow button to its left, and that feels "off" to me.

                        Another is that there is a lot of white space at the right side of the page, but the app icons are rather close to the menu that goes down the left side. I'd like a little more breathing room in there, for comfort, but maybe that's just a personal preference. Maybe move the left edge of the left one over under the start of the word "books"?
                        "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


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                          Lot's of changes implemented...but not yet uploaded!
                          Should be ready to re-upload this weekend.

                          Thanks for the input!
                          "You're just jealous because YOUR hat doesn't have a clock in it!"


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                            Most everything aesthetically that I have seen has been covered, so I won't go into that area...

                            My question to you is this:
                            You're search bar is the most prominent place on the home page. One is expected to go right to the search bar, no? But if one knows the name of the app they are looking for, why are they using your site? Why not go directly to apple? I suppose what I'm getting at, is why not cater your site a bit more to actually browsing, as opposed to a full-on search. Why not showcase the categories more on the home page, with the search bar playing a secondary role?

                            I'm sure you're done plenty of research on the subject and know what you're doing, but just call me curious.

                            btw--love the yellow! more sites need to be bold like this.


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                              Oh I am so glad you asked that....(MODS: if you consider the following advertising, please feel free to edit or delete.)

                              If one knows the exact name of the app, then you are right, Fastapp is no better than any other engine (although we are faster since we are not bogged by adverts and images). But to answer your concern, we do plan on adapting other features like Top 25 etc etc. Which are at the top of page. But ideally we are not catering to those people...we are aiming at the market that leave the App Store and go right to google (an equally large a market as itunes). Eventually we will be on the first page of the googe...(we are also in the process of expanding to other apps as I type this).

                              So what sets this site over any other? Fastapp is run by powerful licensed software (not to be named at this time), the same software that caters to many huge blue chip companies such as autotrader, home depot, and Walmart just to name a few. It's very expensive.

                              Fastapp is multilingual, expandable (we could host 20 million apps tomorrow if they were available), cost efficient and supplies marketing information on apps that is unsurpassed. We probably have better stats on Apps than Apple does (haha) This is only the tip of the iceberg so to speak at what Fastapp offers.

                              In the App industry, this software is what will leave us standing when the other stores fall apart when they can't keep up with the App growth.

                              App facts:
                              Iphone apps are growing by about 200 plus per day (including updates).
                              By the end of the year at this rate it will tip to 100,000 Apps.
                              By 2020 they predict there will be about 10 million of them.

                              Developers are already feeling the watering down of the developer industry and it gets harder and harder to make money from Apps. Part of this is because of the promotion time/expense. While some of our competitors are catering to this with support for developers, we are in the midst of making a deal with a company that should propell us past what the others are doing.

                              Ok...I have ranted on enough. I hope that answered your concern. lol

                              Oh BTW the aesthetic changes are quite significant...glad you liked the yellow! It too changed to a PMS 107.
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