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Database can it be added to a WP site?

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  • Database can it be added to a WP site?

    Can a WP site use a database? Or it would be better to design the site in other languages and forget working with WP.

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    as in WordPress?

    you actually read the site --- right?

    Everything you are asking is right in their documentation, on their site within a couple clicks.


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        sure can
        but tell exactly what you need


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          Hi Hippo, Well a prospect asked if she can have a site designer with WP but she also wants client login, registration, address, basically all sort of data to be recorded in the data base as each client registers their account.
          My question was that if this is programmed into WordPress or it is a plugin that has the basic features but can be customized?


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            well WP uses PHP and MYSQL. you can add a new table and separate page that collects the data along with a sign in sheet and then protect all the WP pages with a php script that checks for validation.

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              Cool thanks.






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