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  • PanToshi
    Comment on 10 minutes from home
    Happy Spring Rodney!Ahh, looks so peaceful....
    Today, 02:17 AM
  • redneckrodney
    Reply to 10 minutes from home
    PanToshi, it's definitely spring here. Good to see you too. Anyways, a little time off for the upcoming holiday leads to...

    a little hook baiting...

    a little...
    Today, 02:14 AM
  • KitchWitch
    Reply to Photoshop file info data cannot be read.
    Hi Ho Toin and welcome to GDF.

    We ask all new members to read very important links here and here. These explain the rules, how the forum runs and a few inside jokes. No, you haven't done...
    Today, 02:01 AM
  • jcshalo
    Reply to Builders logo for critique
    I enjoy the first font the most. The retaining wall does not read well though. I suggest scrapping the wall idea and going with the first logo without the wall. Additionally, if you use a sans serif font...
    Today, 01:47 AM
  • PanToshi
    Reply to Getting Clients
    Hi kelly and welcome to GDF.

    Do you have a bachelors degree in deisgn, 2-years work-experience and an outstanding portfolio of work? Most employers require at least this to entertain a candidate...
    Today, 01:31 AM

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  • Web Design in 2009 - the new standard?

    Okay, I've been designing pages in good old HTML for a long time now. I still code by hand in a text editor. I guess I've sort of let myself go in that way, not really kept up with the times. I'm an old man sitting on the front porch yelling at the young whipper-snappers to get the heck of my dang lawn.

    Where should I start to get myself back up to speed with how I _should_ be designing/coding pages now?

    What is the new "standard" for web site creation?

    HTML (still good?)

    Is there something new I have totally missed?

    Is it still good to code by hand, or are the new WYSIWYG programs like Adobe Dreamweaver the thing to use? (Or should I be using Fireworks? It's very confusing).


  • #2
    Originally posted by mjs31 View Post
    I'm an old man sitting on the front porch yelling at the young whipper-snappers to get the heck of my dang lawn.
    Welcome! And this quote above. Awesome. I wish I was old enough to the lady that does that.

    I personally code in Dreamweaver, mostly because I am not the most proficient with CSS and find it's easier to deal with Dreamweaver.
    I also personally hate Flash. It's obnoxious and annoying.
    That said... it's very popular.
    I"m not sure what the "industry standard" is right now.
    Mostly I'd say if you can code it and it doesn't look circa 1999 you're probably alright.
    But perhaps someone who is a web guru will also post and give us their opinion?
    I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not. ~ Kurt Cobain


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      Key aspects of following industry needs involves writing semantic mark-up and separating structure from presentation using external stylesheets. A machine can't write semantic mark-up so its always best to code by hand. It will result in more robust, clean and lean code then any machine can provide. Resulting in a higher level of SEO, maintainable and stability for years to come.

      There also seem to be an increasing push for progressive enhancement vs. graceful degradation. Technology seems to be changing so quickly that its more beneficial to force people to upgrade out dated and non compliant browsers then it is to consider them in the same respect to newer technologies.

      A trend I have noticed recently is the desire to support future technologies using the technologies of today. An example is using JavaScript to support selectors or styles planned for CSS3.
      Last edited by tZ; 08-04-2009, 04:24 PM.


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        What do you mean by "semantic markup"?

        The one thing I never really "got" about CSS is why it's any better than using tables to do layouts.


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          Originally posted by mjs31
          What do you mean by "semantic markup"?
          Code that describes the context of the content which it encapsulates.

          Originally posted by mjs31
          The one thing I never really "got" about CSS is why it's any better than using tables to do layouts.
          HTML is a structural construct not a presentational one. The sole purpose of HTML is to describe and organize content. The purpose of CSS is to provide a presentation for that structure. The separation of structure and presentation results in a more maintainable, changeable and purposeful application.

          People need to stop thinking about this as divs vs. tables. Its not about divs and its not about tables. Its about writing code that machines can better understand and place context to. A practice that results in a more findable, accessible and useful web experience.
          Last edited by tZ; 08-04-2009, 04:38 PM.


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            HTML, Javascript and some form of content management system.


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              Originally posted by mjs31 View Post
              What do you mean by "semantic markup"?

              The one thing I never really "got" about CSS is why it's any better than using tables to do layouts.
              It's easier to manage pages, whether a handful or a thousand, if all the layout information is in one file. It also makes pages easier to parse for normal people and search engine spiders.

              Imagine a bank of televisions at an electronics store. Each television is tuned to play the same video. Would you rather have each TV have its own video player and video inside it, or would you rather have each TV connected by a network to one master video player?
              Last edited by vanishdesign; 08-05-2009, 12:16 AM.
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