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fed up amending links in html pages

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  • fed up amending links in html pages


    Last year i designed a site with about 15 pages.
    Is there a way i can have one page as a master or template, which, when i make changes to, will update the other pages throughout the site.
    Mainly this is for the navigation. i dont want to have to go through every page manually adding and deleting links.


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    Look up "php include"



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      If you use Dreamweaver you can set up a template file (.dwt) for you main content on the pages.
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        look up includes. they are available in all types of different coding languages.

        Or you can build your navigation via a database and that way you only alter the dbase. This is probably a bit overkill and very inefficient for most sites.

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          Originally posted by darryncooke View Post
          Or you can build your navigation via a database and that way you only alter the dbase. This is probably a bit overkill and very inefficient for most sites.
          Not if you cache the result a HTML file and use it as an include. This works well if the links aren't going to change much. Then if they do remove the cached file and the system should be set-up to make a new one. So once the first cached file is created the db is never again hit unless the cached file is removed. win win

          Either way unless your running a massive and I mean massive query repeating the query each page hit isn't going to be all that much of hit on server unless the server isn't very powerful. The biggest problem comes with load balancing but you don't really need to worry about that until your going several million hits day or so unless the server just plain out sucks.

          All this gets relatively complex though. You probably need to have a programmer set it up for you if your not familiar with server side programming. Those are the "optimal" solutions though.
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            Tnx everyone. The php include worked a treat.






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