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  • Uploading a website

    I've completed building a website and now need to upload it to the Remote folder from my local folder in DW.
    I've connected to the FTP server and it says that I'm connected and all the information seems to be ok.
    However when I try to 'Put' the files from my local root folder to the Remote folder, an error message appears saying, Error occurred - An FTP error occurred - Cannot put services_webbanners.html. Access denied. The file may not exist, or there could be a permission problem.

    I'm also unable to delete any of the existing files from the Remote folder. Even though I can check the files out.

    Any ideas as to why this may be happening??

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    I have had similar problems with dreamweaver and use CuteFTP to upload files


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      I've just downloaded CuteFTP, and tried moving my files onto the website, it's telling me this:
      553 Can't open that file: Invalid argument
      Rename/move failure: No such file or directory

      I have no idea why this is happening?


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        Is it just this file or is it any file you try to upload?
        Have you set the ftp file upload protocol to auto i.e. not specifically asci etc?
        Have you double checked the username and password?
        Can you download via ftp from the site?
        Have you read through ftp instructions on your hosts web site - is there anything your missing from your settings?


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          You don't have FTP permissions set to write files to the server. You need to sort this out with your hosting provider
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            ^ what vanish said -- it's a permissions issue... you need to talk to the person your website is being hosted with, or if you're in school, ask your instructor.
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              One other thing: Make sure you're attempting to upload to the correct directory on the remote server.

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                thanks guys. I got hold of the guy who i'm making the website for and he spoke one of his technicians who told him it was a security setting that was preventing me from uploading files. he sorted it and it's now up on the internet... well near enough anyway, having other problems now.
                Suppose it's all a learning curve though






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