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Creating an enquiry form using Dreamweaver?

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  • Creating an enquiry form using Dreamweaver?

    I'm quite experienced using Dreamweaver, and I'm designing a website for a friend who does Acupuncture.

    This website here has a enquiry form. How is it done in Dreamweaver? So the admin can read all the specific details in his/her emails.

    Also, how do I create a download PDF button?
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    If you're not into coding, to create a contact form, just use something like the HTML Email Form Generator, (it's free, and generates the code for you), or if you want to keep the email address secure, so that spammers cannot see your email address, use a really good solution such as Wufoo, which offers 3 free forms, and you can handle the email info securely...
    As far as a download button for PDFs, just upload the file to your server and use the following html:
    <a href="location/yourfile.pdf">Download The PDF</a>

    if you want a more physical button, and not a text link, use the following code:
    <a href="location/yourfile.pdf"><img src="button-image.jpg" alt="Download the PDF!" /></a>
    Hopefully, this is what you're after!
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