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  • Index Page Disappearing

    The index page on my site disappeared without me doing any changes to my site. Has anyone had this problem. I checked with the provider (fat cow) and they had no ideas.

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    Can you explain what this means? The file is being deleted?
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      Yes, deleted.


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        We need steps. For example: I created the index.html file, uploaded it to the server, verified that it was working, and then 2 days later—without having made any changes to the site—I went back and got a "404 file not found" error. I checked via FTP (or my control panel or whatever) and verified that the file was indeed missing.

        There are reasons a file might exist but not show up; there are reasons a file might not have been uploaded when you thought it was; and there's always the possibility that you inadvertently deleted the file, but I can't think of any reason why a file would simply vanish on its own.

        If all else fails, upload a new file (if you haven't already) and check on it a several times a day. If it disappears again, contact FatCow support and ask them to look at the server logs between the last known time that the page was present and the time you noticed it was missing. That should tell you what's going on.

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          Originally posted by dreamydesigner View Post
          Yes, deleted.
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