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  • Unfinished website - critique please

    I knocked this index page and a page about buddhism together in a few hours. What are your initial impressions about the aesthetics of the two pages. Should it be a bit neater, i.e. be alligned a bit better?

    Please note I have not finished the site (only two pages are viewable). I will appreciate your comments.

    Heres the link:

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    Honestly, it feels like it was quickly tossed together *shrugs*
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      "Welcome" is a waste of space. Say something. Anything is a better heading than "welcome." "The best damn buddhist centre in cardiff" is better than "welcome."

      Right now the images are the most attention grabbing part of the site, when they should be decoration. My eyes are drawn to to the image on the bottom right, when I should be looking at your heading or logo.

      Your logo is very grey and not very prominent. Try a different font for the logo text, and think about using that same font for the headings. I would pull it off that grey background and let it sit on the white - maybe have a hard rule under it and the navigation.

      Think about the purpose of the site. Is it to bring more people into the Cardiff Buddhist Centre? If it's a physical place, why not have pictures of the centre? Perhaps I live in Cardiff and I've walked past it. Don't be afraid to make your homepage a little different than the rest of the site.

      You're using tables for site layout. This is bad form and inefficient. Try CSS. Instead of building the layout then copying and pasting it, then tweaking here and there, you build the layout once and change the content on it. Give it a shot.

      I looked at the original site and I think you have improved some things while making some not as good. You made the text bigger. I love that. You took out today's date, which is bloody useless.

      But you've removed a lot of the color and the open feeling the old site gives you. White and orange are both replaced by grey. I really miss the phone number, email and operating hours.
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        New index page for CBC website


        Thanks for the comments. As I was unsatisfied with the previous design of the index page, I've done a new version - please note that none of the links work yet, and I'm still planning it out.

        I'm a bit clueless about the comment you made about using CSS instead of tables. I don't have a clue where to start with CSS.

        Here's the link:



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          The mark-up is terrible and the design isn't all that aesthetically pleasing. If your designer the site should at least look good putting a side the code. I agree with CkretAjint.


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            Both sites have lots of validation errors and warnings.

            Please show some humanitarian consideration to those overworked browsers.


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              I like the improvements in the latest version. It's more cleaned up, more colorful, with more information. You're on the right track.
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                Lots of white me it looks like you had shapes of varying sizes and put them all together in such a way so they all fit nicely within an area.
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                  Why do you keep using 14pt type for your body copy?? More then likely the visitors of that site are Buddhist, not blind.
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                    There's absolutely nothing wrong with using big body text.

                    Monitors are getting higher native resolutions that 12px fonts look smaller on. 12px was a lot more legible when your monitor was 640x480. And no one uses pt online, except for print stylesheets. The default font size in your browser is 16px. Why bother shrinking it, unless there's a good reason to? Even Amazon has moved up slightly to 13px.

                    The example here should be helpful:
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                      I would argue that sure, larger type is more legible, but most users aren't reading the text to begin with and sometimes the text is there just for SEO purposes.

                      The image here shows a book side by side with a monitor

                      that's good if what you're presenting is similar content to a book, but on amazon, I'm looking for landmarks, a button here...a buy now link there etc...I'm never reading copy unless I really need to and I like small text. It looks and feels professional. Large copy tens to have a playful feel that doesn't always fit with the subject matter.
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                        Doesn't do it for me. All those organized, framed (read rigid) images... I don't feel any of the buddhism mantra in there. The page should show the nature of buddhism such as inner space, calm, serenity, etc.


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                          Yet another index page redesign


                          Thanks for your comments. I'm using a relatively ancient CRT monitor, but I noticed how small font looks on more modern LCD/OLED monitors.

                          Here's a link to another redesign of the CBC index page:


                          What do you think?

                          P.S. I've noticed that there is more space between the inactive menu words and the rest of the elements in Safari compared to Internet Explorer - why is this?


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