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IE8/jQuery Not Playing Ball

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  • IE8/jQuery Not Playing Ball

             function(html){ alert(html); },
      return false;
    The 'dosomething.php' script returns '1' on success, or an error message on failure (for example, 'Invalid email address'.) However when the script is going to return '1' (ie. it succeeds) IE8 ignores the 'return false;' line and sends the visitor to the script directly... any ideas why this would be? Doesn't happen in anything else I've tested

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    The only help I can offer is that you should be using the .submit() function on the form element, not a click function on the submit button.

    Other than that, I'm not really sure what you're doing. Why validate the form with PHP?

    There are loads of jQuery validation plugins (scripts) out there.
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      Dah, sometimes I really should RTFM. That fixed the issue, all works perfectly now, thanks a lot

      (And I'm using PHP for compatibility; I'll add some pretty client-side validation later...)






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