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  • contact form php not working on php4&5 server

    I have a contact form that use to work w php script. I recently switched over to GoDaddy and they're only running php4 and 5 on their windows server and my forms are not submitting correctly. I don't receive an error... I just don't receive any mail. Is there a new script for php4 & 5? Some help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Why'd you get a Windows server if you planned on using PHP? I'm not sure sendmail, which is probably what your form handler utilizes, exists on a Windows server.

    If the form worked on your old server, this is really something to discuss with your host.
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      Well I'm new to contact forms. I thought PHP was compatible on windows and linux? Do you have any suggestions on how I to create a form with ASP?


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        Most PHP contact form codes will activate sendmail, which as far as I know is a program on a Linux server.

        Really this is a question for your web host as they'll know more about your individual configuration - it could be something in your php.ini file, for example, which you may not have control over.
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          Originally posted by xlphie15 View Post
          I don't receive an error... I just don't receive any mail. Is there a new script for php4 & 5? Some help would be greatly appreciated!
          Windows servers implement the mail() function differently than Unix servers do (see Check with GoDaddy support re sending mail as their servers may require SMTP authentication. If that's the case, and if they have the PEAR Mail package installed, you can use that (tutorial here).

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            I had the same problem. My host could'nt even figure it.

            I also use filezilla and i just happened to look at the permission of the page.

            Just right click it in filezilla and you should see it in there somewhere. I had to change the number in there, 644 worked for me. i think its default on 777 but it should work on 666


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