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  • Removing suffixes

    Hey guys!

    I've been asked to research into removing the suffixes from domain name url's. I honestly can't remember how to do this, feel I've lost my bloody memory!

    How do I remove the suffixes from the end of domain name pages again, like .html for example?

    Many Thanks!!!

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    there are several ways to do it.

    if your site is just html -- not php or .NET, you can simply make folders inside your root directory for each page you want.

    for instance, if you have a 3 page site consiting of a homepage, an about page, and a contact page:

    homepage is index.html in the root folder
    there is an "about" folder in the root folder
    inside of the "about" folder lives it's own "index.html"
    this will make it so that it is
    the same goes for /contact/ -- a folder inside of the main root folder named "contact" with it's own "index.html" inside of that.

    if you are using PHP or .NET however, it is different. you can google search "php clean urls" or " clean urls" for more information on those, but here is a pretty comprehensive PHP clean urls tutorial using mod_rewrite:


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      You can do the folder trick with PHP or ASP. The problem I have with this is it's easy to get confused in your text editor when all your files are named index.php.
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        You can do with the htaccess file.
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