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  • Javascript... I think...

    I'm trying to fix a typo on my companys website, however, what I need to correct isn't anywhere to be found.

    When I open the .asp file in Dreamweaver, the area that should contain the text to be edited, I see the following:
    I've looked everywhere for a txt, htm(l), or even another asp file that could contain the info and can't find it. Any ideas?

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    Well, I doubt that's Javascript. More likely it's ASP. I'd guess it's reading the data from a database, loading it into that variable, and then outputting it there.


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      Thanks Hewligan. I'm just learning ASP, and have never touched Javascript.

      I've went through all the databases too, and haven't found anything. Although, I think there's some databases I don't have linked via Access so I'll check that. Thanks!


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        Ok, so I found the database that's got the content. Now I just have to get around the error that's saying "Cannot create index on the given field." when I attempt to load this in Access. I understand that I can't link to a memo field. I just don't know which field is the memo / :






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