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  • controlling navigation carousels

    I am trying to create a navigation carousel with about 20 icons. So there are about 4 "pages" of carousel icons each containing 5 icons.

    If someone were to click on an icon on the 3rd "page" of the carousel how do I keep them on the 3rd '"page" of the carousel when the page they clicked on loads?

    Kind of hard to explain.
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    Replace the ID tag on pageLoad to what ever the 3rd page in the carousel is tagged with??
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      Either via frames or by updating the page links dynamically. So when someone clicks on the button to change the carousel you would dynamically modify all the links with some type of identifier that could be used to set a carousel position. The only other way would be to not reload the page at all and load it into a dynamic content "frame" using AJAX. I would choose the former and dynamically modify the relevant urls. What server side language are you using?

      If you post some actual code one of us might be able to help you out.
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