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  • im stuck

    I'm doing a website for a project in class. I decided to use photoshop and import it into dreamweaver, because I was told that between those two and using indesign that ps/dreamweaver is less sucky on how their codes are. I like using indesign because its easier to use but i want to use the better of the options.

    anyway my question is, when using photoshop for making websites, do i put each page on its own layer? or how do I do that? i cant remember for the life of me and I just learned it 11 weeks ago.

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    I'm going to give you an answer that you don't want to hear, but still, I feel it's the answer that will ultimately serve you best.

    Websites are built with HTML/CSS and a smattering of other languages depending on what you're working on. Photoshop is for working with images, like photos. InDesign is for creating print and print-like e-files, like PDFs.

    Seriously, instead of learning the wrong way to do things, be glad that you've forgotten whatever it was that you learned eleven weeks about building web pages in Photoshop. Head to your local bookstore, and get a good book on HTML/CSS, then start studying it.

    If your class is having you do it some other way, they're teaching you the wrong thing. I've been building websites for close to 20 years now, and I know more than your instructor does seriously, I do. (Then again, I'm not the one giving you a grade in your class.)


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      ok, many will chime in here that trying to use photoshop to dreamweaver to create the code for you is just asking for heaps of trouble. It causes nothing but problems.

      If that is your choice of methodology, then I can't help.

      My steps are:

      1) wireframe the site so that you know what content and function it needs.

      2) mock up the theme (look and feel) of the site with 1 to 5 pages in photoshop

      3) take the layered photoshop file and manually crop/export the pieces I need to create the common theme.

      4) Create the common site theme using a combination of php includes, html, and css

      5) Go back to photoshop to create and export any other page information graphics.

      6) Assemble pages with images, text and any javascript, ajax, or php for function

      7) proof the website for function, form, and looks (in that order)

      another way

      1) wireframe (a really important part of any website - define the information and placement)

      2) create the application, programming, and functions required to operate the website

      3-8) then follow the previous steps to get finished.

      If websites are something you want to offer as a skill, you really need to start approaching them properly. And really look up using php includes in website templates.


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        believe me I would be more than willing to sit down and learn html/css however I have about 9 weeks left in this quarter and on top of doing this site (which HAS to be done) I have about fifty other projects going on.

        yes I understand indesign/photoshop is the wrong way to go about designing a website, i understand the uses for both applications. I understand all of this. and I even understand they taught us the wrong way to go about doing this. why they did I don't know, and will never know, I dont understand anything this school does and why they do what they do. I agree with you and would be willing and will some day take the time to sit down and learn to design a site the RIGHT way. however I just dont have the time right now.

        ive been over this discussion with all of you multiple times. html/css is the right way to go about designing a site, I know. but as of right now ps/dreamweaver and indesign is all i know how to use and i have to build a website for class for a project.

        so all I ask is does each page go on its own layer? or how to do it? worse comes to worse ill have to design this thing in indesign which I REALLY dont want to have to do.

        so anyone who could help me that would be MUCH appreciated.


        • #5
          thank you drazan. right now ps/dw/ind is the only applications I know how to use its what I was taught here in school. like I said many times before eventually I will take the time to learn html/css but right now i dont have the time. especially for this project. I'm not going to be offering website design as a skill just yet as I dont know the proper way to do it. but I have to have a website mock up in my portfolio for this class and thats what im trying to do right now. so my only options are ps/dw/ind


          • #6
            Is this what you're looking for?


            The instructions given there will tell you how to slice up a Photoshop file then use Photoshop to wrap HTML tables around it all.

            Again, this is a horrible way to create a web page for reasons way to numerous to mention in a short post, but if this is what will get you through the class, go for it.


            • #7
              no I know how to slice and all that im stuck on if each page like home, contact, portfolio should be in their own layers.

              like with indesign you make pages/art boards for however many pages you have on the site. in photoshop is it a layer for each page? a layer for the home page, one for the contact page, one for the portfolio page? or do I need to create a separat psd file for each page?


              • #8
                Separate layers, multiple layers, separate files — I don't see that it makes a difference. If you export it like the post I linked to suggests, all that really matters is that the images you're exporting be the visible layers at the time of the export. Really, just try it to see what works.

                You seem to be looking for the right way to do this, and we're telling you that this entire procedures is the wrong way — no matter how you go about it. That being the case, just experiment, get it done for the class, then, if you plan on ever doing this professionally, learn the right way.


                • #9
                  If i remember correctly I believe the way to do it was to save each page as a separate file. but like you said, if in separate layers then as long as the layers needing exported are visible it should work.

                  im not necessarily looking for the "right" way, there was a way I was taught how to do it from what the professor said in class and i couldnt remember that way. wasnt sure if that way was some universal method followed so decided to ask. I know the whole procedure of how im doing it is wrong. and like I said once I get the chance I will take the time to learn the right way.


                  • #10
                    I think I would create layer groups for the header, footer, background, and a group for each page. Setup your slices, then just toggle which layer groups are visible to export. You could also do this to include hover states for nav.

                    I was in a similar situation, Infinity. (I'd like to preface this next part by saying I really enjoyed my school, and thought the overall program was fantastic - just the couple web classes I took sucked.) At school I only learned to create a PS mockup, slice it, then create divs for everything. We weren't taught any actual code, just to navigate through Dreamweaver menus. I guess it did create functional sites that were visually pleasing, but I left with no idea how or why the site worked. Since then, I've just finished this book, and have been playing around... trying different codes, experimenting, etc... nothing fancy, just learning the principles. This summer, my goal is to hand-code my portfolio site, and a site for my wife's business.


                    • #11
                      yea, Im just going to do it in indesign, its a little simpler and everything can be done right there. the site isnt going to be lifted off right away, right now I just need a mock up of the site for my project. when its going to be created for the web then the proper changes will be made.

                      I'm in the graphic design program at my school, so I think thats why we didn't really get heavily into coding or anything. We have learned a few basic codes, but havent used them enough to remember them. I think for the web designers in the school, they probably get a little more into coding (I would hope) but for the graphic deisgners we basically were just being taught the design layout of websites. Like I said later on down the road I will take the time to teach myself code, or have it taught to me so I can do everything from design to the finished piece myself, and give it out as a skill.


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