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  • Buda
    Use of personal props in photography work
    Client has sent me some wash bags to photograph, but they have requested that the bags be photographed with a bra (as a prop or for size). The client hasn't supplied a bra. I feel that it would be weird...
    Today, 10:21 PM
  • kemingMatters
    Comment on Critique for my own logo.
    If you keep meeting people named "Sofa Pillows", this post might be why
    Today, 08:29 PM
  • B
    Reply to Critique for my own logo.
    Only if we have similar tastes in living room decor. I can be very fussy about keeping sofa pillows properly fluffed....
    Today, 07:42 PM
  • B
    Comment on Critique for my own logo.
    I'm thinking that most any san-serif bold written out in caps is going to look a bit forceful and imposing, like something carved into a granite slab above the entrance to a prison. Maybe you could try...
    Today, 07:33 PM
  • HotButton
    Comment on Ungrouping doesn't work in Ai
    I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties, but I'm glad you explained it.

    Continuing in response to your "silly question;"
    you clicked the IMAGE BUTTON and a window came...
    Today, 07:08 PM
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  • My head is pounding!

    Hello all,

    Hmmm where to start... well I have been taking another crash course in the design world now that I have been trying to learn the basics of html, css, JS, php and so on.

    I started by building a site following along with this guy:

    I used his practice files to create two sites in DW and everything went pretty well. I feel I got a good grasp on writing html, css and file organization. So whats the problem? The sites look good but my friends that I'm designing for need a content managing system so I went through 5 hours of tutorials on using at the same time I went back to for some more tutorials on building wordpress themes using PS/notepad/wamp and so on... Then I started seeing all these really nice looking WP themes and thought oh sht!, this looks like a trap but so hard to resist.

    So now Im here and feel super confused with all this info and want to know what route I should pursue.

    Also want to add that I worked in PS and designed about 100+ works for the last 6 years without realizing that all my logos, flyers, ect. were a bit off due to bitmap ... btw, I'm also in another crash course learning Illy.

    I don't want to travel down another road like that in webdesign.

    If you read all this then thank you.

    advice greatly appreciated
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