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i want to start learning code....

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  • i want to start learning code....

    anyone have any suggestions on where to start?

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    "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


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      Or try
      "I used to wonder what friendship could be, Until you all shared its magic with me." - Jesus Christ


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        this may be a stupid question, but is html/css an actual software app?


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          No, its more like a language
          "I used to wonder what friendship could be, Until you all shared its magic with me." - Jesus Christ


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            ok thats what I thought.

            ill have to look more into those sites. lynda looks to be an "at your own pace" learning thing? that could be useful for me.

            I'm working on learning all this in between getting my associates/bachelors for graphic design, and working. I could go back and get in a web design course and minor in web design. something I may do later on down the road. but right now this is the way ill go.


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              Originally posted by Obsidian86 View Post
              No, its more like a language
              I like to think of them as adjectives; they describe the structure (HTML) and what it looks like (CSS).
              Design is not decoration.


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                So from what i understand so far, HTML is the words and such that we read on the page? and CSS is the design layout part?


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                  Originally posted by infinity View Post
                  So from what i understand so far, HTML is the words and such that we read on the page? and CSS is the design layout part?
                  No, the words are content — they're neither HTML nor CSS.

                  HTML is the code that provides the structure for the document. HTML specifies what is a paragraph and what is a headline or what is a pullout quote. It tells the user agent (the browser) what is the main copy and what's a footnote and what's a sidebar. It differentiates between things like tables and graphics and photos.

                  CSS is the code that specifies how those structural elements will be displayed. It specifies, for example, what typeface will be used in the paragraphs or what size the headlines will be. It gives the designer the ability to put, say, a colored background and a rule around that sidebar or add extra space around the text inside the box.

                  In other words, HTML defines and categorizes the elements on a web page. CSS is then used to define what those elements should look like.


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                    This is a pretty good book. Granted, it jumps into HTML5 and doesn't really do much with the previous versions, but it's a good book to learn from. It's what we use at school in our beginning web design classes.


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                      Yeah, the HTML is the framework and content. CSS is there to organize and style it as you intended it to be designed.

                      You can apply different CSS files to the same HTML and have an entirely different site with the same HTML underneath of it all.

                      If you're interested in some examples, there are a few sites out there that have the HTML available and you can write CSS for it and show off your work. CSS Zen Garden is one of them, check it out, it's kind of impressive:

                      The Visual Quick Start series is a great place to get started. Once you get going though, work your butt off, books are great for explaining how to do it, but there are a lot of quirky ins and outs that youll learn over time that books might touch on but cant really instill properly.


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                        So many options are available but i suggest W3schools this is the best option for you...


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                          One caveat -- not everything you read at w3schools is accurate or even correct. As far as I know they are NOT associated in any way with the W3 Consortium, who effectively run the Web. Nothing "official" about them, though many people assume they are a branch of the W3C.

                          That said, I've found them useful as a quick reference kind of thing.


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                            Treehouse host quite a library of easy to understand videos introducing the basic html
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                              I don't mean to be ignorant to OP or anyone for that matter, but W3Schools, pffff, its a dire learning structure for anyone in my opinion. Its a list of of every element and some wrong at that, it describes what they are fine, but it in no way instills any of it in your head, for you to learn and remember.

                              If your style of learning is through a site like W3Schools then by all means go for it and learn from the site, but I myself find learning a well structured book, with examples, exercises and tutorials to imbed it in your brain is the best way to learn anything.

                              You have the book at hand, you pick it up work through it bit by bit, and its easier than learning from a website which you have to focus on a hell of lot more to get it all in and understand clearly.

                              The book mentioned -

                              I've never used it before and i would actually like to hear from anyone who has, as im interested in buying myself.

                              But at this moment in time im reading a book by Oreilly (called Head-First-HTML-CSS-XHTML) who make damn good books for learning every language on the web


                              Its up to you of course what method you choose to learn HTML & CSS, that book im learning from is based on the old HTML and css, were as html5 and css3 is present at the minute, but from what I'm told they have extra's added to them and still work around most of what html and css has to learn anyway.

                              I'm choosing to learn the old stuff then move on to the new stuff.
                              Then learn javaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL and other stuff out there.

                              Good luck man, hope you get there, that's what my main mission in life is at the minute, to become my own boss and become a web developer/designer.






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