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Project #3: Reflections of 2005

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  • Project #3: Reflections of 2005

    Start Date: Dec 30th 2005

    I'm sure many of you will agree with me that this year has come and gone in a heartbeat. If you are anything like me I tend to reflect on the year that has passed and invision the year that is to come.

    Task: For most of these projects we ask that you take pictures from the starting date rather than pull pictures from you archives. However for this particular project the task is to reflect on the year of 2005 and post pictures that is most memorable to you. Whether it be your best shot of the year, the birth of a child, a sporting event or a picture sentimental to you.

    So came one, come all and post your reflections of the year 2005.

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    well when i read this i knew that my photo had to be from one of the hurricanes this year. so i started going through my pics. this one is not really that good of a photo but it brings back alot of memories. maybe for some of you also.
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      nice vtwin, i'm sure alot of people have had quite the experience around that time.


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        This past summer seemed to be the summer of weddings. I literally went to, was a part of, or at least knew of at least 20 weddings between all of my friends and family.

        This is my Cousin's bride at her rehearsal dinner. (no the little boy is not my cousin, that's her nephew)
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          nice colonel, I too had a year of many weddings but i think the most memorable for me was the birth of my son.

          Though the picture sucks in terms of quality as i only had my minicam with me It was truly an amazing time and i am proud to be his father just as i am proud that he is my son. Definitely hands down my highlight of the year.

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            At least the cat thinks it was a good year. For me though it was finding out that we are having triplets what a thrill.
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            How about a chain pickerel in your bath tub?


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              My wife and I do not have a bathtub in our home only a shower stall. With the purchase of our house this was one of the sacrifices my wife has made. She loves a nice long bath. Our intent was to refinish the bathroom with a cast iron tub that financially fell through. We bought the tub though. For our 15th anniversary this past September I filled the cast iron tub with hot water on our back deck with candles and Kahluha and she was in heaven. I can not express the joy I rec'd from my wifes bliss. Best part the tub was fireside next to the chimnea on our back porch.

              Technically this image is marginal at best but we had fun.......
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                This is a shot from the airplane windown from when I went out to West Texas a couple of months ago. This trip was my most memorable thing from 2005 and my happiest moment in 2005.

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                  a tough call... what I think I enjoyed most this year was that I got my mountain bike, and went riding regularly. Not only was it good exercise, but very relaxing. I've got the bikes rigged up indoors for the winter so I don't have to stop when the snow and ice gets here.

                  Here's a shot I took on one of my trips.

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                    I have to agree with you hun! The bikes were the best investment of 2005 with the investment in your camera (so I could have mine back, lol) coming in close second. I have to say the most exciting moment was when we ran in to this big guy!! Not only once but several days in a row. I had never seen one up close and personal.

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                      I've wanted to visit Colorado since I was a little girl and I finally got to go last year.
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