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Can some one help me out?

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  • Can some one help me out?

    Hello, can anyone help me make my sketch a reality?
    I have some sketches and ideas but I just started doing graphic designing and to be honest I suck at it....But its not about that, I have some pictures of my skatches and i wanted to know if anyone can make so the look good on the PC.

    Thank you ahead - Team Vulcan

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    I'm sorry TeamVulcan but forum policy prohibits asking for free work. If you'd like to post a classified ad in the forum classified section and offer payment for that service, that will be fine.

    Here are links to the forum rules and some useful information that we try to give all new forum members.


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      Ok, I will make a post under the classified section becouse I am will to pay for the work...Thank you for the information link i will read them






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      • HotButton
        Comment on Flyer Crtitique
        It's just what I call it when people use an expression that actually says or means the opposite of what is intended; ''could care less'' would be another prime example.
        Yesterday, 11:44 PM
      • B
        Reply to Flyer Crtitique
        That makes sense, I guess. Off is the inverse of on, which makes based off the inverse of based on. Got it. ...
        Yesterday, 08:50 PM
      • B
        Reply to Flyer Crtitique
        Okay, I know what a colloquialism is, but what is an inverse colloquialism?

        Probrien, in addition to HotButton's comments, which I agree with, the ad is a bit confusing. Maybe it's lacking...
        Yesterday, 08:48 PM
      • PrintDriver
        Reply to Flyer Crtitique
        ''Based off'' is inverse of ''based on.'' ''Based on'' is a colloquialism.
        I think.
        I have not had enough to drink to play this game.

        o O
        Yesterday, 08:27 PM
      • pobrien
        Reply to Flyer Crtitique
        Thanks for the feedback. That all makes a lot of sense. I'll take these points and re-work things....
        Yesterday, 04:06 PM
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