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  • On the Farm by Jade

    So this is my little corner of the world now. Lots of country life, wild life, and forgotten places.

    ((click for bigger sizes))

    This is the view from my window: Good Morning

    An just for Buda... Baby Cottontail Bunnies

    Huckleberry -- he's so gentle.

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    Awww! Thanks for posting the wild bunny pics. It's been a long time since I saw a wild one. All I've got is a chubby spoilt lop.

    Do you have woods where you live? I've been craving a walk among really tall trees. We don't really have woods here in NZ we have bush which is thick and difficult to pick a path through.
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    • Drazan
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      I am in the smack dab middle of the north woods Minnesota. The whole area is full of oak, aspen and birch trees and lakes every 10 miles or so. I'll be taking my camera on walks to capture more. Last walk I saw a mama deer and twin bambies! so cute - but no camera.

    • B
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      We have cottontails this year chewing up everything in the yard. As cute as they might be, they're chewing up big patches of our lawn and eating all the flowers. Aggggh!

      We live right on the edge of the city and a ways up into the foothills, so our backyard borders the mountains and forest. Over the years, we've had moose, elk, mule deer, foxes, raccoons, cougars, quail, turkey vultures, bald eagles, coyotes. squirrels (of course) and way too many Great Basin rattlesnakes in our backyard. I've never bothered to take photos since they tend to run away when they see me, except for the rattlesnakes, which make me run away.

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    Cute pup!!

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      I love the window view, beautiful


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        LOVE the hazy woods photo. I took a winter-snow photo one morning with my iphone that had a similar sunlight haze feeling.
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          Beautiful Jade! You must feel so much more relaxed with the more rural (and I assume quieter!) life.
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          • Drazan
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            Oh I do! I actually work with a "sietsa" in the middle of the day. The whole farm does, including the pups. Although I miss being able to just hop over to a store to get something, I love the quiet. The last few weeks has definitely revived my creative side.

          • Virgo Nightingale
            Virgo Nightingale commented
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            Ahh, siestas. My only problem with siestas is that they usually turn into 4-hour sleep sessions. There goes the day!

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          Lovely! Looks as if you are enjoying your new digs!
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            Holy Crap I love Huckleberry!!! I want him! So cute.

            Now I want a dog....a boxer to be exact....thanks for that Jade! (ok ok...truth be told, I've wanted a boxer for a long time now).

            Looks like you're going to be in a great frame of mind if that's what you get to wake up to everyday. I'm a bit jealous! Can't wait to see more pics!
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              Also found outside the window. She came right up to the field just beyond my little yard and munched away for a good 15 minutes before going back into the woods. It's a little fuzzy because I am way zoomed in.

              This is my sister's garden. Almost all of the flowers are children of my dad's garden.

              On those days I don't feel like taking a long walk I wonder through the farm yard taking photos.

              I think Hulckleberry adopted me. Everytime I'm out in the yard, he comes and sits at my feet. So in love. He's a future stud and will stay on the farm.


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                Great pic Drazan ... looks like a lovely place to be
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                  Flowers. So colorful walking through the yard.


                  • PanToshi
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                    Wow. So gorgeous!

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                  Jade, you live in a Disney movie setting. I imagine that you dress up like a fairytale maiden and walk through the woods with a basket picking flowers as you go.

                  I bet butterflies, birds and wildlife follow you as you sing to them. Just nod and smile Jade, don't ruin the illusion
                  It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" – Winnie the Pooh


                  • Drazan
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                    Not that far off Buda. Don't forget leading the pack of pups like the pied piper.

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                  View from the office window. Taken about an hour ago.


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                    Then Bunny decided to come visit while I was outside this morning. He was about 15ft away and stayed around me for about 10 minutes. I took tons of photos. Wiggly cute.

                    ((click for bigger)) - lots of pics
                    Wild cottontail rabbit - he's (she's?) not tame, we don't feed him or anything.


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                      Goodbye little bunny.






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