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How to make photos look professional?

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    @Kemingmatters, and @BJMRamage, It's just an example actually, I wasn't thinking to edit that pic, since it's not looking that good for any aspect. If you are talking about editing some already beautiful pic, maybe I could attach this one to have a look. Thanks.


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      this image, the sky looks blown out.
      Compositionally it is OK, what is your subject? or is it the whole thing? the tree in the "middle" is nothing special, the flowers in the foreground don't have much contrast either. What if you make this B&W? Looks like the lighting when the photo was taken wasn't anything too spectacular, was this between the dawn or dusk times? (looking over the metadata, it says taken at 7:25pm, of last year, with a 2.8 aperture...seems odd as the background doesn't seem too blurry)
      I'd suggest a polarizer or neutral density but think those wont work with your setup.

      Tried a few things in Photoshop. Nothing too time consuming but the photo didn't seem to have much direction.I cropped most of teh overblown sky, added in some more via stamp, adjusting the curves some then decided to give it a slight sepia tint, tried to bring the flowers out some and lighten the top of the tree. Once you have something too white in a photo (sky) you cannot easily fix that...if it was too dark, the info might still be there to lighten.
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        I want to play too!

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      I am not a professional photographer but I take a lot of photos for my personal blog.

      My tips are to invest in a SLR camera and don't be afraid to touch up a little bit in Photoshop. Don't take just 1 photo of a subject. Take 20 to 100 from different angles, change your zoom, aperture and try different light conditions.

      Don't rely on purely on Photoshopping, your photo needs to be decent before you start editing. You will learn to see potential in photos and what to keep and what to cull. Then add hundreds of hours of practice at taking good photos and Photoshop time.

      I've been practicing food photography for my blog for 3 years and I still think I have a way to go. But when I look at the very first photos on my blog and the ones I'm doing now, I can see I have come a long way.
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        @BJMRamage, Thank you for the explanation and edition! The photo looks quite better and wonderful now, which seems to be some place for fairy tale I see for retouching a photo there could be consideration of lighting, contrast, blurriness etc. Yea the photo was taken last year, I guess it could 7.25pm, here in summer the daylight is till midnight. The whole thing is just I saw the view and took a picture, guess I liked the tree in the middle. By the way, I went to have a look at your portfolio, looking quite nice and professional

        @Buda, thanks and I will have a look at some information about SLR camera. May I have a look at your blog, and see what kind of photos you have there?


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          I have sent you a PM

        • BJMRamage
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          Thank you.

          and the way you phrased it above it sounds like you are taking "snapshots" not "photographs" if that makes any sense. sort of like the difference between "hearing" and "listening"...both you pick up the audibles but with listening you pay attention.

          To me, snapshots are the quick photos you take to capture a moment and are pleasing to look at and remember but with Photographs, I see them as where you think before you shoot. think about what exactly you want to shoot, how you want it to look, etc.

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          @BJFRamage, yea it's more like the former, not a photography thing actually, hehe

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        Adjusting/enhancing a photo is a bit of personal preference as well. Here is my personal interpretation. (Although the colors came out a bit more saturated than I wanted)


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          Originally posted by skribe View Post
          Adjusting/enhancing a photo is a bit of personal preference as well. Here is my personal interpretation. (Although the colors came out a bit more saturated than I wanted)
          Hi, thanks for the edition, that photo looks quite nice too May I ask what you have done with the photo? Lighting is one thing, right? And I guess there's also something with the coloring, is it Image/Adjustment/hue/saturation?


          • skribe
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            Curves adjustments, saturation adjustment, careful contrast adjustments, a soft focus filter for more glow, a very slight vignette, with higher saturation in the vignette area.

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          I guess the vignette is around the tree, am I right?


          • skribe
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            Not just the tree, I pretty much centered the vignette so that the corners and edges are just slightly darker and more saturated as well as a bit blurred. Doing this just helps draw the attention in toward the center elements.

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          Yea, I see the highlight area around center, not sure where the blur area is though, maybe it's around the flowers?


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            Rule of thirds, dof, and lighting are still photography terms to know, but can be altered and achieved in Photoshop. As far as what you have for a camera, doesn't really matter (sans pro photogs) to still get fabulous photography. Some of the best photos I have were taken with a point and shoot.

            Tips for photos: http://photography.nationalgeographi...hy/photo-tips/

            Tips for photoshop processing:

            Rule of thirds:

            End note: try to take or modify photos that are not front and center. Front and Center is normally how we look at the world, and photos with everything centered can become boring. Using rule of thirds to break up where the eye lands will create more interest.


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              Its not easy task and newbie task, the process will takes lot of experience and years.


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                Thanks for words! That grids stuff does look cool and interesting. I usually put things in center while taking pics, didn't know it's better to put them in the grids, will do it next time, and it will probably make some good change


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                  Or you can hire a professional. Now there's an idea!


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                    it is all about the lighting and your skills!


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                      Hi Kasuniahiru and welcome to GDF.

                      We ask all new members to read very important links here and here. These explain the rules, how the forum runs and a few inside jokes. No, you haven't done anything wrong, we ask every new member to read them. Your first few posts will be moderated, so don't panic if they don't show up immediately. Enjoy your stay.
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                        Have a good understanding of photography basics and practice and experiment whenever you can with what ever work your doing. Presentation in design is always important so get your SLR out, take some photos and play around with some of the Photoshop settings to get your desired result. Follow some photographer blogs / posts on whatever website and go from there! If you can talk to a professional photographer that will also do a world of good!

                        Best of luck with it! I'm in the same situation.
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