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    I want my students to critique these two photographs, but I want the critique to really be around mood more than anything else. Keep in mind this is my first time teaching as I am a student teacher. I am learning so much new stuff about photography, myself, and everyone around me. The experience has been self-rewarding.

    Anyway, the reason being is that I am having them photograph a landscape and then I am having them photographing a self-portrait of themselves. I am doing this because I want to know their mood when they are at their landscape, so if they are sad at the landscape they will take a sad self-portrait (I'm sure everyone is going to look for a happy place). They will be double exposing the two photographs together in Photoshop next week. The double exposing reveals how they felt at that landscape.

    So what are some good critique questions around mood that I could ask?

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    You really need only ask two:

    1) How does this make you feel?
    2) Why?

    Have them answer "why" by dissecting the techniques used to make composition (angle, subject, colour range/palette, etc)
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      What do the flowers resemble on the human figure?/What do you think of when you see this image?
      Got me thinking of the quote "A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms."
      How does the tree add to the scenery?/How would you feel if the tree wasn't there?
      The tree is far enough on the edge that it's being pulled by gravity, thus implying living on the edge.


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